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  1. I think this is a bit rediculous, it has nothing to do with the residents and businesses of Broomhill, i should know i work in Broomhill and we are not seeing any of the benefits of the increase to parking. I also remember when it was free to park in Broomhill so am completely with you, just don't punish the busineses and ultimately yourself!
  2. Hi, if you could send me a PM with your email address in i shall send you the information! Thanks x
  3. Its more about how you prep your skin and how you apply than what brand you use! Exfoliate and moisturise - then wait a little while for the skin to fully absorb the lotion. I always use a tanning mitt - boots stock their own brand i think, soltan? At the minute i am using No7's tan. Although if you are typically "pale skin" Aldi do a very good moisturiser with tan in it that i have never had problems with, again use the mitt!! Good Luck!!
  4. This is a project that we are working alongside the council with; please be assured that the relevant licenses shall be in place! x
  5. Whilst we cant controll what the stall holders charge we have kept our costs to a minimum...with any hope they will pass that on to the customers
  6. Anything and everything; we are looking for anyone who wants to come and take part!
  7. Hello, I am helping a team to organise a new market on Division Street. The first will be on the 29th April. On April 29th, a brand new market will open on Devonshire Green, bringing at least 12,000 people into town and giving Sheffield Traders an opportunity to showcase there wares in the city centre. Inspired by Tramlines and run by a group of the festival’s key organisers, the Devonshire Market will be a vibrant, fun and lively event. Inspired in part by Tramlines with a nod and a wink to Portobello and the Big European Markets – the market will have a relaxed vibe and be designed to provide a great day out for the locals. Live music, entertainment and the enthusiastic support of local traders – we reckon getting our visitors in a good mood will help make your punters spend more. We are looking for any stall holder who would like to attend. Does anyone know of anyone that this might be of interest too? Please get in touch for more details!
  8. Glenys, I am part of a team organising a new market in sheffield City Centre; on Devision Street. It is going to be run monthly and will feature prominently in Tramlines this summer! I think it could be of interest to you. Please get in touch for more details. Thanks Carly
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