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  1. You guys are putting me off from buying them? Haha they will look lovely outside my entrance and I'm building a wall all the way round to protect them and I hope you guys and girls will keep an eye on them too thanks for a brilliant review Holymoses it's with the help of customers as yourself we will build Sheffields best Bangladeshi restaurant thanks for doing your bit and il see you soon
  2. Thanks il try look it to that may get a list of who not to let it so far so good can't complain with the business I knew it was a ruff pub befor I took it over the location didn't really matter to me as if your good at what you do should be able to do business any where? Look at chains like akbars at medowbank road it's near a sewage treatment centre still busy! I was gob smacked the other day this bloke walks in and says to me sorry I'm not dressed properly (as in smartly) would you still serve me? I didn't expect that from the customers I'm getting as for the name cutlers has been hear befor I was even born and I was after a unique name and so much history it would not only be a shame but disrespectful to lose that name thanks for your comment
  3. Well done lads keep it up need to boost our city's profile glad to see you guys are doing your bit ;-D
  4. I'd say we are about 5years away from our first proper fine dinning Indian/Bangladeshi/Pakistani restaurant but will the majority support it? If anyone did one now in Sheffield ( e.g lasan in Birmingham) it would fail we are just seeing fine dinning restaurants pop up in the uk most shut after 6months of tradeing Sheffield is not ready yet if it was then cafe guru and dosanj would have still been in business
  5. 200.000.00 worth of marketing this year alone food is good best out of the chains but not doing anything what your avrage curry house is doing real Indian restaurants would have to be vegetarian as most of India is vegetarian it's to do with there beliefs I don't really understand why everyones thinks Indian food is so nice when 80% of the uk have never tried it? It's the Bangladeshi and Pakistani community that gave uk the curry houses so why do we call them Indians? And then mone that they not real Indians? And as for akbars it's Kashmiri food that's what is says on the sign I'm sorry but calling it an Indian is just being ignorant and yes curry is eaten in Bangladesh and Pakistan not just India
  6. U fancy breweing and Indian beer for me? To sell at my new restaurant I could get a few others to sell it locally hmmm if it becomes famous as cobra or kingfisher don't forget little old me
  7. Lol Bombay duck very hard to get hold of these days it sounds like you know what your talking about (if evei didn't remind me) I would have probaly just done that for my vegi selection but thanks to her veggies will have a good selection to chose off we should be open in the next few months IF ANYONE WANTS TO FOLLOW THE PROGRESS OF THIS RESTAURANT THEY CAN ON FACEBOOK 'JUST TYPE IN CUTLERS SPICE' A big thank you to everyone and hopefully il see you there when it opens and don't forget to intoduse yourself my name is bobby by the way and il be your manager/chef (when I get my chefs diploma) lol look after yourselfs and bye for now
  8. Good news well for me and some of you? Maybe not for the buyers! Just Hurd from a good source that the old harrows is not going to be an Indian the buyers are thinking of backing off as there is a few issues with the lease! Yaay happy days
  9. It is an old photo will look much better in a few more weeks lol
  10. do you mean buffet served by a server? that will possibly get rid of the hygien issue but still have the quality issue?
  11. its a brilliant idea i did think about it about doing a indian tappas in town a few years ago (grate minds think alike hey lol) but couldnt commit myself iv got a good boss behind me whos a good man and a brilliant chef im sure he will love it and like i said think it will make a grate day menu so well done both of you for the reminder.
  12. except bilash takeaway in sheffield can you name anyother indian/bangladeshi or pakistani restaurants that cater for vegetarians? (that have more then just a little selection at the back of there menu and be honest becouse i will check up ) im doing a bangladeshi restaurant as i said in my previuse posts its just makes it easyer to say indian so everybody understands (as alot of people dont know the diffrence? ) and back in 2003 i have been to india pakistan and bangladesh when we did our restaurant in chesterfield. also alot of people say they like indian food? how ever alot of people in my point of view have never eaten indian food (as most of the restaurants in uk are bangladeshi or pakistani) and before you say it lol in the asain community we call indian restaurants (indian) bengali restaurants (bengali) and pakistani restaurant are called (kashmiri) they are not put in one catogory (untill everyone knows the diffrence unfotanately im stuck with the indian lable ) iv put some links on so every one can be a little wiser http://www.menumagazine.co.uk/book/curryhistory.html http://www.menumagazine.co.uk/book/restauranthistory.html have a read of the second one you will be supprised
  13. Buffet gone straight out of the window then lol one less thing to think about
  14. No it's fine lol it will take longer becose instead of makeing one dish per customer the chef is makeing 5 different dish's per customer 5 will take longer to cook then 1 so waiting time will Inceease and he will have to cook for many not just one so if a table of 4 come in and all Oder the thali with 5 diff dish's each chef has to cook 20 different dish's if I don't get it right he will chop my head off lol but leave it with me il fined away I like the idea as my day menu in the evening I might not be able to give u much of choice like 5 or more but if it's sucessfull in Sheffield and other restaurants follow then I'm sure someone will get it right
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