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  1. Yep, I've got that now loud and clear. Aquired an England shirt ready for it. (Circa "77 Keegan era, growing the hair for the mad perm to match as well). Come on Sheffield!!!!!!
  2. We'll I thought it was funny and also true. If you break the name down to BIG HAIRY....
  3. What are the exact details then? Is it the 13th Jan at Concord, but what time etc etc etc I play up front or wide midfield if that helps. (Still playing occasionally in the over 35's) Cheers Jim:thumbsup:
  4. Hooker I've heard....... sorry, completely the wrong sport.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. haven't had time to try any as yet.
  6. Steel City Wizards for me (provided we can play in a nice blue and white kit!!!!!!). Only kidding by the way. Sheffield for me though.
  7. The general problem as follows; Have a new mobile which is bluetooth enabled, together with new pc (first one I've had, so hence the novice bit!). The pc isn't bluetooth but I've purchased a dongle and its in the USB port. Have 2 disks, 1 for the phone, 1 for the dongle. Loaded both but don't seem to be getting any further than that. I know its a very generic question, but any obvious things I'm missing or suggestions please. Any help most appreciated.
  8. I heard that numerous blades fans were so disappointed with the display on Saturday and the fact that Warnock has stayed, that they've handed their season tickets in! One went so far as to nail it to the No1 turnstile door in protest. He then had second thoughts and went back to get the season ticket but found someone had pinched the nail!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm interested, depends on my shifts at work.
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