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  1. Plenty of taxis outside the airport. Not expensive and only 15 /20 minute run from memory
  2. I do voluntary work at my kids school. They have amassed a huge amount of lost property... mainly uniform and some of it with logos on. Any rags for cash places take it? They are trying to use the funds towards a new garden area. Preferably North Sheffield Cheers
  3. Next one arranged... Sunday 12th August..
  4. Not every Sunday and hopefully not a one off. Unfortunately dont have a next date as yet.
  5. New car boot starting on Sunday 8th Greenhead farm on Jawbone Hill.... between Grenoside and Oughtibridge Starts at 8 for buyers. £1 to park. 40 pitches as first week but some still available. Over 30 sold. £6.50 for sellers. Maybe a viable option if Thorpe Hesley is sold out. Worth a visit if you are doing Thorpe Hesley
  6. Ambleside is a lovely little town. Right on one of the lakes.
  7. Henderson's relish online shop ---------- Post added 26-06-2016 at 08:17 ---------- Or Pete McKee online
  8. The main reason the big church hasn't sold is that as part of the sale, you do not own the rights to the phone mast. The guy who did the conversion all those years ago retains the rights of ownership ( so basically the rent from the last £15k per annum), and also had written in to the seeds the requirement for access to the mast at will. It did sell last year but fell through when this came to light.
  9. Thorpe Hesley starts next Sunday. 24th. 22 May next one after that
  10. Not a lot to go on but here goes. Track came out around same time as big fan by the wannadies, so 1998/99. Was indie and similar to pull. Video features the singer wandering round Trafalgar Square in a purple velvet suit. Not much to go on......but you never know! Cheerd
  11. I've been after a digital copy of 2 tracks by 90's Sheffield band - Blammo! The 2 tracks are probably their best and most famous..... Im Spartacus and Ecoutez at Repetez. Any help much appreciated!
  12. As you start to go out of Chap towards Hoyland. Not far from Carters garage.
  13. Just been through in the car. Double decker coach complete burned out from the engine at the back. Looks to be Burnley fans on their way to Rotherham.
  14. Traffic blocked on Cart Road in Chapeltown. Looks to be a reasonable sized fire going. No idea what its but worth avoiding right now.
  15. Bring back The Adventure Game! Dronga Dronga!
  16. Same here. 2 minutes to high green. Been to shirecliffe and no queue!
  17. As above. Are they still on strike? Council web page hasn't been updated since 3rd November. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  18. Chap is ace. Lots for retired couples. Ballroom dancing at Newton Hall Lots of coffee shops/cafes Wetherspoons! Library/Train Station/Charity Shop/Bookies Retired folks nirvana!
  19. Both horses looked ok being walked around Jumeirah Spice car park. Carriage looked a write off.
  20. Allotments on Burncross road near the garden centre. Great area to live. 3 great pubs if you want them. Bevan way is on a bus route and only 10 mins walk to chap for us to Rotherham or train to Sheffield and Barnsley.
  21. Due to unforseen circumstance, the Fayre date has now been changed. Now going to be Friday 27th June from 3.30 pm through to 6.30 pm
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