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  1. I saw that interview yesterday He was talking out of his annus horribilis yet again as if his grandchildren will have to worry about a pension and HE is supposed to be our next King he is a batty as a bat ,a carbon copy of his blooming father ................x
  2. Most other providers use the royal mail for the last stage of delivery ---------- Post added 13-10-2013 at 12:15 ---------- The prices will increase but this is what most of the Public wanted so now they have it and if you think that ther will still be a six day week delivery THERE WILL NOT BE and these so called shares they said the postmen have THEY DON`T its all BS like last time they gave them shares that they never got
  3. Hark Hark I hear a fart where where over there quick quick get a gun fart fart too late its done I'm not slow, and I'm not dumb, But restroom signs, aren't no fun, Too obscure, my eyes are blurred, Which is which, can't tell a word, So put up a sign, with drunkards in mind, And make it clear, where to put my behind.
  4. One of the bullies used to kick, thump and slap me on a daily basis I saw him years later and he stopped to say hello I just walked on by as though he didn`t exsist but I did see him in a rather sorry state when they came into the place I worked and had no where to live and down on there luck I guess Karma came round when he didn't want it too I did say to him as he was leaving you don't remember me do you ,he said no So I told him who I was and he was shocked and I just said KARMA .guess the bullies of yesteryear got older and forgot what they used to do to others but it leaves scars. The one thing I do give them credit for it made me a stronger person .........x
  5. well they say what goes round comes round KARMA .......x ---------- Post added 12-10-2013 at 17:23 ---------- It was still around in the 70s I remember every single one of them .....x
  6. you on mind altering drugs or been at the whacky backy lol .........x
  7. I remember the second half of that poem but ill be banned if I put it on here lolol ..........x
  8. Ahh, knew there must be a connection somewhere! well its no secret I have friends in sheffield and all over the place so what`s your point if you have something to say, say it
  9. You lived on Hinde House Lane? Left hand side going up opposite those houses that stand back? I've seen you round Woodhouse! I have a friends in woodhouse .....x
  10. £77 (£70 + £7 booing fee) we have to pay to boo him now I`d do it for free .............:hihi::hihi:x ---------- Post added 02-10-2013 at 19:01 ---------- Arm and a leg by the sound of it lolol ---------- Post added 02-10-2013 at 19:02 ---------- Sheffield arena must be getting desperate if they have you trying to get bums on seats
  11. I rmember going in the Minerva for coffee loved the place ............x
  12. Yes actually .........x I remember Josie Herbert living on robey street she ended up on hinde house lane she was still there when I left...............x
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