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  1. I use Frontline too, its cracking stuff! except to the fleas of course!
  2. maybe its so that people use sheffield forum as a forum and not just as a free way of selling stuff? I dunno really But your post count is over there <<<<<<<<<
  3. I didn't try and train any of my boys until they were at least 2 and half, however my daughter was about 2 and 2 months. Unless you are desparate to get him out of nappies, I'd leave it, you don't want to risk turning it into a battle ground. Perhaps when you change his nappy, you could offer the potty, and before bathtime perhaps try again. perhaps he would rather go straight to using the toilet? Not all children like using the potty. Whatever you decide, good Luck! Vanessa
  4. I can tell you that it IS a legal requirement.
  5. It is indeed a legal requirement, most drivers over here, Including me, have it hung over the drivers seat. That way you can be seen to have it in your car, without it getting in the way all of the time. Vanessa
  6. MY hubby has never been done for speeding on the autoroute, and he drives fast, and he comes down see us in france every other weekend. I've never heard about the dropping the speed limit for the school holidays, but they do drop it to 110 when its raining. You can pay with a card on the Autoroute, or you can pay cash, but a card is easier. Just make sure your passenger is awake in time, because the pay machine will be on the opposite side of the car to the driver. Have a great holiday, France is a beautiful country. Vanessa xx
  7. Hoisin sauce perhaps? i usually eat mine with a sweet chilli sauce
  8. Hi , If you do serve grapes and cherry tomatoes please cut them in half. Although my kids never have choked on them, it is recommended that children at the age of 2 are given these items in pieces rather than whole, and i'm sure you wouldn't want any choking children at your tea party! Personally, its a thumbs up for Party rings and Butterfly buns from me! If you need an activity for them too, kids always love to decorate their own buns/ biscuits and then eat them, give them some icing and some toppings and they are in heaven! Hope it goes well, thankfully mine are all past the toddler tea party stage now! Vanessa xx
  9. Waaaaah Why couldn't this have been a week later, I'm in sheffield then! Hope all are well, its sunny here in France!
  10. My friend had hers done on the NHS a few years ago, due to emotional distress. It might be worth talking to your Dr. Vanessa xx
  11. I'm so sad to hear this news, I only met Rachel recently at my farewell meal, but both being Shropshire lasses we found we had plenty in common including friends. I wish her children well, and hope that she is in peace. Vanessa
  12. Happy Birthday Innocence. I hope you have a great day and a fab driving lesson!! Vanessa xx
  13. That is so cool, and certainly cheaper than a netgear modem in France:hihi: Has anyone actually tried to make a cantenna?
  14. a metal can, like a bean can? Hmmm I suspect I'm have my chain yanked:hihi:
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