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  1. Earlier this year I was told that my 5 year old son has dyspraxia after a couple of years of working with schools and all sorts of specialists for my son. He struggles at school and he tells me that he just gets everything wrong and the teacher is just busy so cant help him. I find this very upsetting to hear this from my son and after I dont know how many hours of research to see what help he can get I am no further along. My son is by no means thick, he knows the end goal but he struggles to sequence things correctly and is the most clumsy kid you would ever come across. Are there any other parents that have children that also have dyspraxia that could share their experiences or anyone that has a brother or sister that could give me some advise. Dyspraxia is apparently common but ive never actually spoken to anyone that knows much about it really other that professionals and most of the time I dont think they know much themselves. Thanks M
  2. Catering for multi sports space becomes an issue. If you want to offer a proper service then there has to be a decent sized treadmill in there as well as a good selection of shoes for different price ranges and running styles. Adding in other sports will take up a lot of floor space if you don't want to offer something that isn't really good enough. Especially when it comes to cycling when there are two established cycling shops in the area. Things such as footballs, with a parkside location there wouldn't be an issue with bins in the summer full of random bits to kick about, as there isn't so much of a demand for the premium type of things. But I know he doesn't like to only do things half hearted so whatever sports/activities he took on he would like to make sure that he offered the best he could.
  3. Gait analysis is a definite. And opening around when people would generally be running in the park, so late night openeing week days and as much as possible at weekends. The same goes for discounts for running club members amongst other stuff. Still a lot of work to be done on the business plan yet as well as sorting all stocks and stuff but it's something we're looking at. mrbrit, try John Lewis. Not exactly local but they keep stock in the back that's sometimes been marked down by huge amounts during clearance and not sold.
  4. My other half wants to open a running/sports shop and was looking at the shops that face on to the park next to the tram shop to entice all the running club members in. Was looking at something running specific like Keep on Running at Attercliffe, is this something that would do well do you guys on here think?
  5. Depends whether talk talk were supposed to be doing what is known as an active line take over or not. It would also depend on what conversation was had when you called to cancel. Taking your number or not would have been a key point of how an advisor would know whether it was or wasn't a takeover.
  6. If there is no current package with sky but you are wanting the sky+ (record, pause etc) then you would need to pay for the functionality which is £10 per month
  7. Hi. I work for sky and can confirm that Virgin cannot cancel tv as it comes from a dish rather than the cables used by Virgin You will need to call and cancel the account with sky but you will have to give the normal notice period of 31days. Speak to Virgin as you have been misinformed they may credit your virgin account with the amount of your sky bill. Never know worth a shot
  8. Good luck to all those that are waiting for an answer. I already work for sky so hopefully see you around
  9. I lived there when I was 18 and some of it is ok, but some is really bad. That was only 5 years ago, they have done a bit of work in the area since then but its still pretty much the same as when i lived in that area
  10. You dont have to go through a company if you ring the loan provider and tell them you want to make a claim regards to missold ppi then they will put the wheels in motion but if you needed or wanted it you cant claim anything back
  11. Wow this has turned into yet another staffy bashing thread. Before any one asks I am not a staffy owner nor have I ever owned one. I grew up with my family fostering animals, mainly dogs but we had all sorts. I have been bitten by a dalmation and a husky any dog can and will bite. The husky that bit me was my dog that I bought myself from a breeder and was a very placid dog I just took him by surprise one day and he turned and snapped at me. I have also fostered a bichon frise who was quite snappy. Ive seen people bitten by Gordon setters, Basset hounds and cross breeds. There are loads of staffy type dogs. Go to any rescue centre and they are over run so of course there will be more people bitten by this type of dogs simply because there are more of them around. If we were over run with any type of dogs they too would be seen as being a problem because they would make up most of the bad animal press.
  12. We went in the hair dressers across the road not long after this happened. The dog that was attacked was a big dog but it was old. A passer by took the injured animal to the vets with its owners. Appearently the dog that was attacked has been attacked before also in Hillsborough. The dog has facial injuries nose, mouth area and also its ear. The black Staffy that attack him is always in Hillsborough area and usually off its lead. Our hair dresser told us that the owner of the staffy was punching the dog after the attack.
  13. Specsavers sell a full pair (frames and lenses) for £25 but if you want to keep your old frames its more. The frames available for that price are the thin metal type ones, Like the milky bar kids glasses lol from what I saw when I was in there.
  14. I always remember I always had to take mine out or cover them with plasters during p.e when i was at primary school. Im in my 20's now so its been a rule for quite a while.
  15. I was in specsavers the other day and someone ask about this whilst I was paying. They said its £39 for two single vision lenses to be put into your existing frames. They might do it cheaper if you only want the one. Cant hurt to ask
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