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  1. Not this area I know but on the question of the 'quality' of the housing. I am told that all building work has ceased on the houses being built beside Infield Lane, up from Catcliffe Road at the back of High Hazels Park, due to major cracks appearing within the walls of these new build houses.
  2. Normally a rapid response to gun and knife offences too.
  3. This will be fun, already an over busy junction.
  4. What has wiring it to the router got to do with the time it takes to load up? Are you saying it will not boot up unless connected to the internet? In which case you have unnecessary software being loaded at start up.
  5. You just got to applaud the expert traffic planners, they certainly know their stuff
  6. But not in queueing traffic. As for 'tailgating, just slow down and leave more space in front of yourself,
  7. With "pop ups like I've won a galaxy s10 where do I want it shipped to" that sounds suspiciously like some sort of scam, take care!
  8. Hope these are of some interest from "Britain From Above" web site showing images from 1933 of the Triangle estate under construction https://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW041463 If you scroll below the map there are links to further aerial photos of the estate under construction. I was told that originally it used to be a golf course or a dump for 'slag' from one of the steel works, perhaps others could clarify
  9. If you don't need your backup files then yes you can delete them however if you do need your backup files then I suggest that you do not delete them. Hope this answers your question.
  10. Possession of a knife can carry a prison sentence of up to 4 years even if it's not used. Anyone know how many have actually been sentenced to 4 years? My guess is none! Be interesting to see the outcome of the court proceedings with regard to this crime.
  11. Anyone know how these climate change zealots got here? Last time at least one was bragging they had driven from Newcastle (or somewhere remote) alone in their car so very environmentally aware and friendly. Well it's just started raining, hope they get soaked.
  12. Might be on back of dwindling sales of the physical paper, had a guy round the other day trying to flog subscriptions. It used to be an evening paper, now you can buy it at 05:00 and get exactly the same at 18:00. A far superior morning paper was the Sheffield Telegraph but that's gone weekly. Is the Star still 75p or has it gone up again? Was just going to post same Pettytom
  13. Is this the same John Mothersole who was in charge when people were unable to vote at the 2010 election? If so then it would appear he knows about crowds, just hope he does not take over running of a brewery.
  14. Could he not be removed by the constituents using the Recall of MPs Act 2015 which makes provision for constituents to be able to recall their MP and call for a by-election.
  15. Good shout from @gene. However getting a democratically controlled council removal of the overpaid appointee Mothersole
  16. No, they were travelling too close for the speed they were travelling at. Given that damage would, most likely, be less at a slower speed, it does not matter what speed you are travelling if you are too close to the vehicle in front there is the potential for an accident
  17. The difference is how the data is 'packed' onto the disc however it is not a case of compressing the data. In the 'old' days, data was stored on a disc in concentric rings. Each ring held the same volume of data for example 1024 characters (don't take this as gospel, it is a long time ago and my memory is going). The number of 'rings' was dependent upon the drive mechanics. One drive may have catered for 10 'rings', a different drive may have catered for 20 'rings'. Although the physical size of the discs were the same the actual amount of data able to be held on the disc was dependent on the dive mechanics used. The 20 'rings' are closer together than the 10 'rings', so the mechanics for the 20 'ring' drive have to be finer. Once a disc was initialised by a particular drive type (10 or 20 'rings') it could only be used on a drive with the similar mechanics unless it was initialised again (when the information is lost). With the new drives and memory cards, they contain the drive mechanics and disc (or equivalent in the case of SD type cards etc) within the unit but the concept is the same but the amount of data per 'ring' is now much greater. The mechanics for the 500GB Hard drive has half the number of 'rings' compared to a 1TB Hard drive, it is all about how close together the 'rings' are. I have written this as if there is only one 'disc' (or platter) but apart from floppy discs there are in fact a number of discs (platters) mounted one on top of the other. Think of a disc like a vinyl LP record but where the LP record has the data (music) recorded as one continuous grove that starts on the outer edge and spirals into the centre, the computer disc consists of numerous concentric 'rings'. The drive mechanism controls moving the read/write (and erase) heads from one ring to another. Hope this hasn't added to the confusion
  18. You could try Sheffield Council but may well charge, try "rat catcher Sheffield council" in a well known search engine
  19. Was it BAT who argued that they were providing a great service to third world? Their contention was that people who smoke generally die younger so the health authorities in these countries would not have to allocate as much resource into looking after old people.
  20. I suppose you also don't notice any impairment in your driving after 2 or 3 pints of lager? Could you explain how if you are smoking it that you are not in possession of it?
  21. Why only a £5 toll? To help combat climate change then why not a fine on people with flatulence?
  22. Oh good, they have got the recharge time down to about 5 minutes have they? If SCC is so intent on reducing air pollution, perhaps they could tell the drivers of the mini busses not to sit with their diesel engines running all the time as they wait to pick someone up, 10 minutes this morning! This has been happening every week day school morning for years.
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