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  1. The motorways are dangerous enough, especially the so called smart motorways, and now we will have HGVs 'pushing' vehicles attempting to stick to a 60 limit. Where do Highways England get these. so called, experts? Are these the same 'experts who have decided smart motorways are safe? They should hang their heads and admit their errors have directly lead to the deaths of motorists! The Highways England cameras do not cover every inch of these smart motorways and, even if they do manage that level of coverage, not all camera feeds are watched every second of the day in real-time. The way things are going, how long before each vehicle must be proceeded by a walker with a red flag? Still that should cut unemployment at a stroke!
  2. If the orchestra is going to play Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia I would assume the audience will be singing like gusto as per normal, so how does the BBC plan to edit out their words but keep just the music? Or is the music going to be a prior recording and not live ?
  3. Not saying you are wrong but have they already been found guilty as the case is starting?
  4. Could this be a reference Darnall Stadium, although it was primarily a greyhound racing stadium. Try looking on 'Wikipedia' for Darnall Stadium. It does mention "Darnall Wellington Cricket and Football Ground (Wellington Grounds)" built on a plot of land on the south side railway at the turn of the 20th century and the "Darnall Cricket and Football Ground" which was nearby on the north side of the railway line. I am sure I have seen a picture (or rather a painting) of a cricket match within High Hazels park
  5. I remember this problem personally of 52 buses passing a 52 already at a stop from the early 60's (I am sure it occurred before that). This was on the run into city centre from Handsworth. An almost full 52 would pull into the stop and the following almost empty 52 would 'sail' past. This could be repeated a number of times with following convoys of buses. Before the cries of 'get to the stop earlier' are issued, how early do you think one needed to be at the stop in order to arrive in the city centre for half 8. (a 30 minute journey at the most)? Even getting to the stop at qtr to 7 could not guarantee arrival by half 8.
  6. The problem is that 52a does not go to Woodhouse village (only to Furnace Lane/Woodhouse Station) and the 52 does not go along Beaver Hill Road. The 52a was not a new route, just a renumbering of First's existing route numbered 52. I wasn't aware the 120 went near to Woodhouse?
  7. Perhaps they could get round to addressing the problem where there are two destinations for a route (specifically 52 and 52a) when both are running in tandem, one pulls up but the one you require goes merrily on its way even though there are potential passengers stood in the middle of the road attempting to flag it down.
  8. The Fone Fun Shop and Complex, on Handsworth Road, were open yesterday (Tuesday 16/6) when I went past. BTW, they only re-opened on Monday.
  9. You could try Fone Fun Shop and/or Complex on Handsworth Road at the Parkway Roundabout (below ASDA) https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.378447,-1.3968585,3a,37.5y,213.85h,85.49t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQ4x_28wg4Uve2n1n__A_Ag!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  10. I think this was originally reported a few weeks back as being due to problems with the foundations and the geology of the ground. There is a need to pull parts of the build down so that extra piling can be installed. I would have thought piling/ foundation requirements should have been identified by surveyors well before any building works started. Or perhaps it is normal to 'throw up' a building and if it doesn't start to move then it should be ok? Anyone heard anything about the new build properties at High Hazels View on Infield Lane which were alleged to be cracking due to ground movement?
  11. Based upon the experiences of the Tram-Train experiment, Cross Rail and HS2 (currently) I wonder what the overrun on £1.5bn will be, never mind timescale overruns?
  12. Make sure the 'box' has plenty of ventilation, it may be overheating slightly
  13. We currently have some employers complaining about the future lack of low cost EU migrant labour. Perhaps there could be a solution here. BBC Radio Sheffield report that "Bassan Khan, aged 19, who attacked a youth worker in South View Road, Sheffield, during a weekend of violence last Easter, was given a two and a half year prison sentence for S18 Wounding and Possession of an offensive weapon, earlier this week." . I do not class that sentence as being 'Tough On Crime"! Especially when he will not serve that time and will most likely be loose on the streets in under a year and a half. What happened to the four year sentences for just carrying a knife, never mind using one?
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