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  1. Make sure the 'box' has plenty of ventilation, it may be overheating slightly
  2. We currently have some employers complaining about the future lack of low cost EU migrant labour. Perhaps there could be a solution here. BBC Radio Sheffield report that "Bassan Khan, aged 19, who attacked a youth worker in South View Road, Sheffield, during a weekend of violence last Easter, was given a two and a half year prison sentence for S18 Wounding and Possession of an offensive weapon, earlier this week." . I do not class that sentence as being 'Tough On Crime"! Especially when he will not serve that time and will most likely be loose on the streets in under a year and a half. What happened to the four year sentences for just carrying a knife, never mind using one?
  3. If by 'basic phone' you mean it will only be used tor phone calls and texts, not via an app (like WhatsApp, skype etc), and will not be used for any 'data' (internet access) then 3G (or higher) is not a requirement.
  4. Taking the local tram-train as an example, there are lots of scope for many further increases to the estimates. I wonder how many months, years, decades the completion date will continue to be put back? Has the Crossrail (the Elizabeth Line) opened in London yet and at what budget overrun?
  5. What's TfL (Transport for London) got to do with Sheffield?
  6. erm...sorry, but ... I agree with you
  7. Just ignore the suggestions and enter the typed address
  8. Not this area I know but on the question of the 'quality' of the housing. I am told that all building work has ceased on the houses being built beside Infield Lane, up from Catcliffe Road at the back of High Hazels Park, due to major cracks appearing within the walls of these new build houses.
  9. Normally a rapid response to gun and knife offences too.
  10. This will be fun, already an over busy junction.
  11. What has wiring it to the router got to do with the time it takes to load up? Are you saying it will not boot up unless connected to the internet? In which case you have unnecessary software being loaded at start up.
  12. You just got to applaud the expert traffic planners, they certainly know their stuff
  13. But not in queueing traffic. As for 'tailgating, just slow down and leave more space in front of yourself,
  14. With "pop ups like I've won a galaxy s10 where do I want it shipped to" that sounds suspiciously like some sort of scam, take care!
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