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  1. Phili Buster

    New building near asda s13

    Yes and a bigger traffic jam!
  2. As someone else said, about the ever increasing projected cost of the line to Birmingham, wouldn't it be cheaper to knock down Birmingham and rebuild it nearer to London? At the rate we are going it may well be cheaper to relocate London further north.
  3. Until you can educate people to put their litter into the bin they are leaning on instead of dropping it on the floor you are fighting a losing battle.
  4. Phili Buster

    Battery Recycling

    Morrisons also have Battery recycling boxes
  5. You beat me to it, looks like a difficult course ahead
  6. Phili Buster

    Parking meters being removed?

    What a great idea except for those that don't have such a phone.
  7. Phili Buster

    Machete Attack McDonald's Sheffield

    Any chance this may result in full sentence for carrying a bladed weapon? I won't hold my breath.
  8. Phili Buster

    Cash converters

    It is noticeable that Cash Converters often sell used goods at a higher price than they can be bought new elsewhere.
  9. Phili Buster

    Lack of justice again!!

    I wonder what these 13 'brave' youths will get if they ever get in front of the bench? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/man-with-learning-difficulties-needs-surgery-after-attack-by-gang-of-yobs-on-sheffield-estate-1-9532368
  10. This looks like good news, will be great to see an old building brought back into use instead of reduced to rubble and replaced with some modern cheap monstrosity as has happened to many others.
  11. For the length of time that the junction has been like it is, it is amazing then that many further accidents have not occurred. The junction has been closed for nearly a week now (it would seem it has now been fully opened(?)) and I am absolutely mystified why it takes so much time to re-set the sequencing of the lights, if that is all that has been done. Resequencing of the lights should take no more than a day for a competent programmer but perhaps that is the problem there are no competent programmers available (or as they now like to be called software engineers (or has it changed again?)). It is to be hoped that drivers now understand that red means stop,
  12. Changing traffic sequences does not require one side of the road to be closed. If that was the case then why is only the out of town route closed but the into town route open?
  13. Travel South Yorkshire are reporting that the 52 and 52a are diverting "via Attercliffe Road, Attercliffe Common, Broughton Lane and Greenland Road before resuming normal route on Handsworth Road". Why is only one of the services diverting onto Britannia Road, then onto Main Road to access the bus stop at Weldricks Pharmacy/Wilco? How do the busses get from Greenland Road to Handsworth Road? Do they teleport up the hill, which is Main Road, to connect with the start of Handsworth Road (at the bridge)? Of more importance, why is it taking so long to sort the problem at the junction of Woodbourn Road and Staniforth Road? It is absolute incompetence !!!
  14. Why does that require the road to be closed?
  15. Phili Buster

    Parking on pavements

    Entirely agree. I have highlighted your point about money because near here parts of the footpaths were patched up on the Friday and then the same footpaths were dug up on the following Monday. If that is not a waste of money, I don't know what is.

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