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  1. Phili Buster

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    What is the point of voting? They promise you everything until elected and then ignore all their promises.
  2. Phili Buster

    iPad repair

    You could try "FoneFunShop - iPhone Repair Sheffield" at 132 Handsworth Rd, Sheffield S9 4AE. It is just after ASDA round about driving down from Handsworth to Darnall (or try Complex next door)
  3. Phili Buster

    Doors on Derek Dooley near the Wicker.

    I think these are a new addition as a strengthening wall and will be cosmetic. If you zoom out, you can see these 'arches' in relation to Derek Dooley Way, Savile Street, Walker Street and Brunswick Road. The next to last arch on Walker Street (Dub Factory in the maps) used to be an entry into one of the Wigfalls office car parks. The offices being accessed from Brunswick Road, you can see some of the foundations, for the new Wigfalls office block, up from the white building on Brunswick Road. Exit from the car park onto Brunswick Road was about where the white building is. All that triangle where the new portion of Savile Street runs (from the next to last arch on Walker Street) up to the foundations and Brunswick Road was Wigfalls. I think the small firms you refer to would have used the arches alongside Walker Street (beneath where the railway runs) and are still used now. Hope that helps.
  4. Phili Buster

    Howard Street - How steep is it

    Too steep for me to run up but I am able to walk up it … eventually!
  5. Phili Buster

    Beware of this BT scam !

    Keep getting these too. The big annoying factor is it is an automated call with "press 1 ... etc". What I want is an actual person that I can verbally abuse. Get a lot of satisfaction telling the callers to go forth and multiply and questioning their parentage.
  6. That is assuming the technology works ALL the time I do not want to be in the car that suddenly decides it has to reboot the software anywhere on the motorway and that specifically includes parked up on the hard shoulder (where one is still available) , the most dangerous place on a motorway.
  7. This already occurs and not just at 70, if you use the motorways at all you will come across numerous drivers doing 50, 60, 70 in outside lanes (lanes 2, 3 and 4) when there is no traffic at all in the inside lanes, It was reported, only the other day, that a driver had been stopped and fined by police for hogging an outside lane for 3+ miles and not moving over into the empty inside lane.
  8. That's assuming the technology works and works correctly ALL the time. Like the Boeing 737 Max and resultant crashes. The idea is a recipe for disaster as is the 'self driving' car and the (so called) intelligent motorways.
  9. Phili Buster

    Any recommendations for Coal suppliers?

    Are there still areas in Sheffield allowed to burn coal, thought it was smokeless and coal merchants not allowed to deliver or sell into those areas
  10. Phili Buster

    New building near asda s13

    Yes and a bigger traffic jam!
  11. As someone else said, about the ever increasing projected cost of the line to Birmingham, wouldn't it be cheaper to knock down Birmingham and rebuild it nearer to London? At the rate we are going it may well be cheaper to relocate London further north.
  12. Until you can educate people to put their litter into the bin they are leaning on instead of dropping it on the floor you are fighting a losing battle.
  13. Phili Buster

    Battery Recycling

    Morrisons also have Battery recycling boxes
  14. You beat me to it, looks like a difficult course ahead

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