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  1. PeapodCreche

    Have you ever written to the Queen?

    hahaha i love how you put the queens address... thats so cute and funny!! when i was a child i got told off by princess Anne... my nana wrote a strong worded letter to the queen telling her how upset i was.. (and that it was an ACCIDENT that i hit the princess in the face) Sorry princess Anne... but you were a right cow to me... grrrr still not over it! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!
  2. PeapodCreche

    Newly pregnant!!

    wow congratulations!!! i got married when pregnant too :-) but i was 7 months gone... dress fitting NIGHTMARE! my boobies were the first give away too... be prepared for them to get huuuge!! lol... x
  3. PeapodCreche

    Charity events Kiddies

    good luck! hope your little one makes a good and speedy recovery xxx
  4. has she considered having a nanny? they take them to pleanty of groups to socialise them. childminders are ok, but they can get very full and cant always accomodate any changes... most nurseries (speaking from 8+ years experience working in them) unfortunately are not of a very high standard... you do get the odd ones that are very good. but a lot of these places dont have very good policies on baby rooms. when i was looking round i saw that loads of places just "dump" the children in pushchairs and force them into sleeping patterns and feeding patterns that are convenient for the staff, not the babies!! very annoying when you work so hard against these patterns in your professional life! since having my son i set up my own childcare business because i couldnt stand the thought of working in another nursery!! id consider hiring a private nanny... they're not as expensive as you might think!!
  5. PeapodCreche

    Slimming World Sheffield

    ive just started... ive been mixing the plans but i do find extra easy the best one!! ive got my first weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed its worked!! ive stuck to it rigidly and used less than 5 syns every day... i do find it hard to believe as ive been so satisfied with my meals and im hardly ever hungry between meals! is it too good to be true??
  6. PeapodCreche

    Slimming world anyone??

    ive just joined slimming world... got my first weigh in tomorrow. its so easy and ive really enjoyed my meals this week!! anyone else do slimming world? do you like it? how do you find your weight loss using the extra easy plan?
  7. PeapodCreche

    Camping / caravanning meals?

    we tend to eat a lot of pasta when we go camping... especially good when were going out for long walks as it can go in a lunchbox and eaten cold. cornish pasties are nice and filling if you dont mind them cold too... german/smoked sausage is good too as it keeps well...
  8. yes we're camping in Cochem... very excited...
  9. PeapodCreche

    Would you rather..

    i do go to the gym and i walk my dog. if i didnt id be 20 stone!! im going to make more of an effort to control my eating... after the weekend ;-)
  10. PeapodCreche

    Would you rather..

    taxman - fortunately i have an apetite for healthy food and i agree that you can still enjoy healthy food... but unfortunately i also like the maccy d's drive through! lol i also find my portion sizes are quite large! i used to be slim and eat what i wanted... then i got pregnant and ate whatever i wanted and however much i wanted! and i didnt stop... lol
  11. i run a mobile creche business and we find the time when most parties want to use our service is during meal/speaches... sometimes these can go on for 2-3 hours and little kiddies get very bored and fidgety!! and some famlilies just want the kids out of the way all the time! rather than saying "no kids allowed" and possibly resulting in friends you really want to be there not being able to go a creche works out as a very good comprimise! i went to a family wedding last year and on the invitation it said that there were no children welcome and for grandparents to care for the children! it was a family wedding so grandparents were there! it was a real struggle to get childcare and i nearly couldnt go! personally, my wedding was thriving with kids and we had giant skittles in the garden for them to play with... we didnt have a sit down meal.. just a hog roast on the village green with pic-nic blankets and benches :-) so i guess its different for everyone! but if anybody is considering it, prices start from just £60... check out my website ;-)
  12. child friendly? no children allowed? what are you doing to tackle this issue at your wedding??
  13. PeapodCreche

    Would you rather..

    would you rather be skinny and live on salad (or whatever they eat?!) or have a bit of junk in the trunk and eat hearty?! personally, as a size 14, im happy with my curves and love a good meal!! I absolutely adore Nigella's "everyday brownies" and i couldnt resist them even if i tried!! what are your thoughts?? just for fun
  14. PeapodCreche

    Mobile Creche for events

    thanks.... the children i care for at functions tend to be between 2-10 years old... any older than that, depending on maturity seem to be able to go along with what the adults do, or, like you said, occupy themselves!!
  15. PeapodCreche

    Fluffy home made bread secrets..

    i have a bread maker that someone gave me! but it has no instructions and i havent really looked at it! its at the back of the pantry! my MIL said not to bother with it as its just as easy to do it yourself! im starting to think she's wrong.. lol

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