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  1. Do you know the music at the lane i think its a dance one just the beat but can't think of it. I'm an oldie. Lol.
  2. yes i celebrated too well into the night 5 weeks later
  3. wednesday have the players to do what's required,play offs a cert just need to time it right with a good run of form for the run in. please go up because i don't like derby's
  4. Points all day long .Owls in the prem ,us blades in the champs. Its all about money.
  5. No he was frail in his later months after his mum died earlier this year,drove a little blue fiesta .
  6. I started in 1978 at queen rd central works served my apprenticeship and left in 1986.went back in 1991 untill 1997.
  7. I worked there untill it shut on the engineering side as a sparky.then into olive grove when we merged with leadmill.
  8. Loved wednesday, watched our yorkshire cricket team all over. I'll miss him in the Anglers.
  9. Its the player's thats a joke,not us blades. utb.
  10. Hi,i have a r reg corsa b.the head gasket has gone and the car runs from cold for a few miles then boils. Does anybody know the latest scrap value and who will take it.thanks for any feedback.
  11. yes they did,can't remember either all i know is losing 1-0 down there i went and drawing 1-1 at home sending us down ,but finishing third from bottom it was a life line which like us we failed at the last as usual.
  12. the first playoff format was that united 3rd from bottom of div 2 played bristol city 3rd from top of div 3 home and away,blades to try and stay in the league city to try and get promoted .blades lost and went down city came up.carl shutt scored at the lane for city and joe jordan was thier manager.another bad day.
  13. that would be great if you could as we thought about doing that,thanks
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