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  1. My friend has just turned her computer on and it's just displaying a blank screen - what can she try to fix it other than trurning the power off and then turning it back on again which is what I would do? Thanks
  2. I've got a bird of paradise plant but is it the case that I need another one if I ever want it to flower?
  3. Last night about half five, I was walking up Cumberland St when an 84 bus with it's hazard lights on was coming the other way and it was giving out a distress alarm, 'Bus under attack! Dial 999 immediately' over and over again. I phoned 999 from my mobile and a few minutes later I saw and heard a couple of police cars screaming towards where it had turned. Anybody know what happened?
  4. Apparently there was a demo at Vulcan House against the introduction of ID cards, people chained themselves to doors, police took them away. Details I've heard are sketchy, does anyone know what's been happening? Doesn't seem to be anything on this site about it.
  5. I can only say that I was as nervous as you are and I still haven't overcome that fear but as a regular patient of theirs I'm always asked if I want gas and air along with other pain relief they use and I always take it. I've had fillings, extractions and a crown fitted and I cannot recommend them too highly. They are excellent and you have to pay for that but it is worth it.
  6. Someone has given me their msn address - it ends @hotmail.com Does it only work by msn or can I email them instead? I find msn inconvenient and too quick for me as I like time to consider a reply so I've never got into using it.
  7. In case anyone is tempted to lie to get their child into a school outside their catchment area please be warned. Firstly there is a good chance that a friend or a neighbour will shop you - this happens with a lot of cases where fraud is involved. Secondly the admissions service, if they have doubts, can ask for several proofs of residency at the false address and this is extremely hard to provide if you are not the genuine householder. There will always be the exception to this of course.
  8. This isn't a scam to get people's email addresses for improper or nuisance purposes. My daughter is a final year psychology student and needs 18-21 yr olds to complete a couple of questionnaires without revealing any personal details. One is on internet usage and the other is an eysenck personality profile. She has left it late so if you could send me a private message I'll send on the questionnaires which only take a few minutes to complete. She's in Birmingham, I'm in Sheffield - hence me putting the thread in.
  9. I can't see anything on the forum or the internet to suggest it's still open but if it is open, then is it open at lunchtimes and does it do food? Used to like it there at lunchtime.
  10. there used to be a really good timewasting game on pcs which showed two king kongs on either side of the pc screen atop a New York City outline. They threw bananas at each other, one at a time with you adjusting for elevation and speed on each go. The first hit won - misses gradually eroded the skyscrapers so that it became easier to score a direct hit. Anyone have a link to this?
  11. Has anyone seen this item reported anywhere? It's about a woman who works in Sheffield as a civil servant and was discovered dead in her hotel room while she was on holiday alone abroad within the last few weeks. I wanted to know more about it - I think it was in Tuesday's Sheffield Star.
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