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  1. my family moved on to Carter Lodge Avenue in 1968. My parents still live there,I went to Carter Lodge School until 1973.I can remember coming down the steep hill from Woodhouse many a time on our bikes, at one point there was a very small footbridge you had to go over how we always made it to the bottom in one piece
  2. I went to Ph school until 68 I used to live on Plowman St until it was demolished and we moved to Hackenthorpe
  3. Jean was my cousin although I haven't seen her for many years. I lived on Carter Lodge Avenue number 23 from July 1968 with my brother Stephen and mum and dad John and Betty. They still live there today.
  4. i used to live at 49 Plowman Street up to them being demolished my surname was Cropper the Dixons lived next door and on the other side was mrs Flint and Alfie. Across the road were my aunt and uncle the Robinsons with my cousins.
  5. i often tell my grandkids im going to sell them to rag and bone man for 2 balloons and a goldfish.
  6. I left Philimoreroad school in 68 i used to be in the feared Mr Arnolds class,my name was Susan Cropper we left to move to Hackenthorpe when the houses were being demolished.
  7. i went to phillimore road infant and junior school in the early 60s and i remember our school song was Jerusalem which i am sure we all sang at least once a week at assembly. What a shame the primary schools nowadays dont have school songs
  8. my grandkids laughed when i told them about whit sunday and parading round all the neighbours in our new clothes. Maybe its because getting new clothes is a weekly thing to most kids now a days it doesnt have the same excitement.The salvation army band marched around the streets the girls always had a handbag to put the coppers in that neighbours gave them when they saw you dressed in your finary then the outing to one of the local parks.It was always a lovely hot day can still remember my dad and grandad in the park in there suits with ties done up they looked like cooked chickens by the end of the day but what a day great memories.
  9. thanks for the warning my elderly parents live at hackenthorpe i can make sure they double check all the window locks and put the chains on the doors
  10. i was brought up on plowman street darnall until i was 12 then moved to Hackenthorpe with my brother and parents after getting married in 1975 i moved the short distance to Doncaster and have lived there ever since but i would move back to sheffield like a shot if i could get my hubby to agree
  11. marie humphreys married a lad called mick elliot i used to hang around with her sister anne there brother stephen still lives with there mum and neither stephen or there mum look any older than they did 30 years ago
  12. can remember mum banking the fire up before we got in the bath never stayed in long though as the heat from the fire made sure of that. Always got in before my kid brother as well as he always used to add to the bathwater.:
  13. 37 years ago i went out with a lad called alan fothergill who lived on hastiller road
  14. my grandparents surname was morfitt
  15. my gran and grandad lived on Longfield road for many years until there house burnt down in the early 70s. The were Victoria (Tora) and James (boy). My uncle Tony lived with them they had another son Arthur and 4 daughters Edith, Joan, Shiela, and my mum Betty
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