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  1. None. My kids have a really, really huge one called Michael (wtf?) that the Nanny bought them. I might steal him actually
  2. Cascada; the best thing since ... well, ever. Sigh. Can I just point out to monsieur Alistair, Mme La Stage is a very busy person, and has a myriad things to organise and sort out on a daily basis, even without a party to host. Asking for help and inspiration with music for the party is one way of alleviating one element of stress and strain from an already incredibly giving and busy life. One can't always think straight at times of stress, and you'll find many a thread on here asking for simliar assistance. SO NERR! Stagey, I have two recent MC albums so will unearth them and bring them with, but my well have to be reminded
  3. Cyclone forgive me. I am tired mother of 4 children who wake me at 5 every morning. *posts back at self
  4. I don't have a problem with that love. I think it's the norm in places like Australia, NZ. We've hosted and been to kids parties where that is also the norm and grown-up parties too actually, explaining that we feel the desire to celebrate but can only do so if people bring the fayre. You offer your house/space, they bring the fare, particularly if you are broke. There's some story in the bible that mentions it or something. I understand your feelings tho, especially if there has been no precedent. I've also thrown parties where I've provided everthing and more, all the way down the line, but those days are gone, well, for now anyway.
  5. It will never be won. Too many people like drugs too much and will go to great lengths to obtain them.
  6. Ahem, speaking of feisty women, where is La Hecate?
  7. Yup I have a bunch of pics but none on digital camera, and they're all in a box somewhere piled under another heap of boxes, like most of my life Yeah Suff, did I never tell you? Obv not ... oops.
  8. Manu Chao is THE DOGS! I have two of his albums, one I bought in Peru the other in Barcelona. High five Jess
  9. Acid jazz is always good, and some really cool south american beats add to a great atmosphere. I'll remind Steph But if you play come on Eileen, you will see my dust
  10. Yes Ma'am. I've said it before darling. At least once
  11. Yup, I sure did. Worked at WBros for a while, and they visited for the Batman and Mr Freeze film promotion thing mullarkey
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