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  1. Hi, Are there any 3 mobile sales advisors that can answer my question please? My sim only contract with Three has recently ended and I wanted to change my plan but to stay with Three. As there was no-one I could speak to I had to look online, I found a sim only plan that I wanted and filled in all the details including keeping my existing phone number (I had to put in PAC number which I found odd as I wasn't"t changing networks) but today I received the new sim but with a new phone number and no other information , does this mean I have accidentally taken out a second contract and if so how do I cancel when there's no-one I can speak to? Any advice appreciated.
  2. Help needed, 2 brand new fabric sofas need blue jeans dye transfer removal? Any advice or recommendations please?
  3. Tiago on Abbeydale Road is totally independent. Winner of Ido award 2015.
  4. Does anyone know if a phone that's been blocked can be reset to factory settings please?
  5. I was born on South Street, Park District. When I say this I'm told it's Parkhill. NO IT ISN"T. x
  6. Does anyone else have an allergy to the above preservative? We are hoping to make a list of products that doesn't contain it. The preservative also has lots of other names apparently! We need to know of everything a person might use in every day life such as sun lotions, insect repellants, washing powders, washing up liquids, paints, hair colours, wallpaper pastes and decorating products, cleaning products etc.etc. that is MI free. Far too many products to mention! My daughter has a severe allergy and hopefully we can all help each other by compiling a list. Thank you.
  7. Hi, We are a recently retired couple (late 60's) looking for Badminton lessons. We are complete novices and hoping we're not too unfit!
  8. Does anyone know who's taking over the British Oak at Mosborough and what the plans are?
  9. Can anyone tell me if the problem with brilliant white gloss paint has been rectified yet? (Paint goes yellow - Something to do with European laws and removal of additives) Thanks. Tried most well known brands but the problem is still there.
  10. Does anyone know of Zumba Gold classes in or near Mosborough please?
  11. Hi, Can anyone tell me if there are any Zumba Gold classes in or near Mosborough please?
  12. Haven't you counted the steps? It would have saved me a journey and my husband a near heart attack lol. And yes the view is very beautiful.
  13. Got someone to count them for me (I waited at the top) 158 steps is the number he counted.
  14. Thanks but still don't know how many steps there are LOL. All I know is I had to stop to breathe!
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