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  1. Yup. Safe seat - safe job. It is possible to change things. A lot of ukip support was through general disaffection with the current bunch, not just the eu. Someone picking up that, with a mainstream agenda could take a significant vote slice.
  2. So, who are you sneering at? Some unknown person at head office, or the thousands of decent volunteers helping the homeless? It's the same as a bigoted minority people talk about muslims. Disgrace.
  3. I'm talking about your desire to lump people together. You're sneering at kind, good, loving people, based on the actions of completely different people. Just the same as an edl character would do to a british muslim, based on something isis has done.
  4. They just vote Labour. Same way as most MPs get in. Technically, you are voting for the person. In practice people vote for a party.
  5. She'll be spitting feathers if there's a GE, She'd have had few years representing a party none of 'her' constituents had voted for.
  6. So, basically you've hunted out a uk article to try to justify your dislike of people who spend their time trying to help the needy. Makes edl types look open minded.
  7. Ahh , so you sneer at British Salvation Army , who are helping the most vulnerable in society, because of a US news story. Just seems vindictive rather than open minded or tolerant.
  8. Is this the type of thing you dislike about them: Anyone who comes to The Salvation Army will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help. We work with people who are vulnerable and marginalised across the world, and offer very practical help, unconditional assistance and support regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Prejudice comes in many forms doesn't it?
  9. I don't disagree. I hate the same things. I just think auto speed limiting is a step that needs discussion as you are being forced to behave in a certain manner. I've pushed for speed cameras / checks in problem areas near us. I'm not a 'ban cameras' type.
  10. I suppose when Labour ditch him, he could have a go. He might feel comfortable with other Leave supporters!
  11. I don't hold your past comments in my head you know, I've only replied to what you've just written. So your tales of hungry, frightened people, scavenging for scraps of food and twigs for the fire, was just a story? Who'd have thought it!
  12. I don't think anybody sees him as a contender, he would crash their vote completely. But you know that.
  13. I think you'll find the Remain campaign failed. And they certainly weren't prepared. I'd have given anything to see top boy Camerons face the instant he found out.
  14. Because they are a spent force and 12 MPs don't have their hands on the reigns any more, to ditch anything they said when the bloodlust of potential power kicked in. They epitomise the problems we are talking about and suffered accordingly.
  15. Haha what a hysterical nonesense. Since it is a theoretical possibility, if you actually believe yourself, you'd better start prepping.
  16. If we forget about student fees and cleggies forgemasters shame.
  17. Ok, splitting hairs, the CU got the most support, only 8 difference. Remember the referendum option was a confirmatory one between Remain and whichever agreed deal. They have to keep going now. The whole process should be whip free. You can't knock Robinson loonies and in the same breath say a no-deal demo would cause more problems. Violent disorder is the same, whoever is doing it.
  18. They would. And CU got the highest vote. The 'problem' with that one is that it had complete Labour support, with a smattering of others, and nearly full tory opposition. Be interesting to see if it can be forced through. Also was it 'a' customs union, or 'the' customs union? Can't remember if it also included single market?
  19. I've just been arrested for something I'm supposedly going to do next year 😮
  20. I agree, I wont be voting for any of the traditional, or ukip, or the new independent group. Something needs to change this time.
  21. I'll follow his advice and not use the Dorchester!
  22. No deal very unlikely. Long delay, European elections and maybe GE ? Is European elections and GE at same time feasible timing? Turnout won't be good I dont think. Despite it being a hot topic on here, there is widespread tiredenes with politics I think.
  23. What can't you believe? I'm saying Leave lied. I've said that in the last few posts. The only unbelievable bit is your total denial that the tories running Remain could possibly have lied. Your faith in them is truly unbelievable.
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