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  1. woodview

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    A million, like Germany? So, at some point you'd have to implement actions to stop more doing so?
  2. Perhaps that's why the number of posters is now a handful..... Also all the parties are so woeful , self serving and out of touch, there is a widespread lack of interest in party politics .
  3. woodview

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    So they'd choose to come to the country complicit in their plight? Very odd. Do you think there is any need to attempt to limit the numbers coming? Bearing in mind 100s of millions live in countries ravaged by war, poverty and starvation. Horrendous situations. Is the solution to accept any number that can make it here?
  4. woodview

    Another Grooming Scandal - Aylesbury

    £2 million in prison costs that could have been spent on helping people in real need, if £3 had been spent for 3x 9mm rounds.
  5. Is this Labour thread or brexit thread?
  6. It's Jesus wept! He wasnt so dismayed he decided to have a good tidy up 😀 Whichever flavour of leave happens, we will be trading readily with them. No deal will be slower for it to be as now, but a free flowing trade deal suits both. We are currently aligned so it is much easier than other countries who have deals.
  7. Wrong. The largest turnout vote ever in UK history showed only 35% of the electorate want to remain. Hardly a ringing endorsement is it?
  8. woodview

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Yeah, don't peddle hope, give up on it, the one thing that keeps you going.
  9. OK, let us reduce this to a simple question. Do the majority of the population of the UK support remaining the EU. Simple answer, yes or no?
  10. woodview

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    Would someone escaping a country really travel hundreds of miles, including through other safe countries, to get to the country that was responsible for the suffering in their homeland? Surely last place you'd want to settle? Sorry,I don't buy it.
  11. Most people would consider the Norway situation so close, as to not really have left. It's akin to TM taking a flight from Brussels to London and proclaiming to have 'left the EU' 😀
  12. Are you talking about free movement to visit a city on business or pleasure, or to settle in the country?
  13. woodview

    Door knocker buying cars-legit?

    As others have said, unless it's a classic or much sought after, I'd avoid like the plague
  14. It depends on the country. Rumania has lots of people willing to work at a lower rate than many UK workers. That has a big impact on people at the low paid end of the spectrum. If they were more in demand their wages would rise. Big business likes an large pool of available labour. It isn't so good for the workers. As discussed endlessly previously, we are obviously a net immigration country, so our population has swollen fast and services and housing can't keep up. This is why it is quandary to me why it is so liked by supposed left wing supporters. There are big negative impacts to the low paid. But the word 'immigration' is a red rag to many on the left.
  15. woodview

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Lots of the smaller primaries have closed, and compacted into fewer, larger ones for economies of scale. Lots of families both parents work, dropping off kids on way to work. Lots drop off kids at childminders near school, or breakfast club also on way to work.

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