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  1. woodview

    White supremacist attack in NZ

    I look to see what the incident was, not to see innocent people dying. If I thought they were, I'd not look, through respect to them and basic humanity.
  2. I get what you said. My point is the erosion of freedom of expression as a whole, not just this guy. You yourself have qualified that, by stating 'professionals' shouldn't state such things on social media. That is stopping expression of a huge chunk of society on one of it's main communication platforms.
  3. That's right, at an extreme margin of the example, for someone with a profile on TV. This guy posted it on Facebook, which by confidentiality his clients shouldn't be friends on anyway. By your example anyone in a profession is then silenced from saying things that are outside what is deemed acceptable by someone. Problem is what is 'acceptable' is already beyond what a lot of people think and say. peoples expression is being repressed further and further. As I said earlier, we've found ourselves in a situation where the offended trump everything else. It's in the link in the OP. My interest really is in the general principle in the erosion of what people say and where. I simply believe expressing views that people don't like has become more and more of a witch hunt. We need a society where people are able to tolerate peoples different religions, sexuality and political views. We might find some distasteful, but it isn't as half as distasteful as an intolerant society.
  4. woodview

    website companys

    Depends what you are doing on it, but you can do your own from pre-built templates, like Wix and Shopify. They are fairly simple to configure, without programming, and they host it securely for you. They can be for information only, or have shopping carts built in too.
  5. What about 2.1 Respecting the right to self-determination Social workers should respect, promote and support people’s dignity and right to make their own choices and decisions, irrespective of their values and life choices, provided this does not threaten the rights, safety and legitimate interests of others. All depends how he brings these views in to work. Depends on the job and what you actually say obviously. Would an accountant have to choose another job for being against gay marriage? Would a civil engineer have to choose another job for talking about immigration? The issue is where is the line. I think the line of intolerance is moving well beyond wher eit should ever be.
  6. In seriousness, it can't come in to the classroom can it. And that's the point. If we find out sweet Miss Jones the PE teacher is a BNP activist on a weekend, but sweet as pie in class, should she be sacked? Then what, when we've got rid of all of them. We can move on to ones who are evil Tories, or nasty Corbynites. Then we can have just the ones who have just the right set of opinions.
  7. I've already mentioned Labour member teachers 😮
  8. The religious person coming down on homosexuality to a homosexual client is wrong, as it is contrary to the help he is supposed to be giving. Is the client on the social workers Facebook group? I don't think so. Yes, peoples views can be difficult for other people. But some things are more important than others. And freedom of expression is very high on the list. Much less so for some people, and actually the contrary in many cases. At the moment, someone taking offence seems to trump everything else. Plus, this feels like the tip of the iceberg. It really isn't just about a potential social worker. As has been said 'professionals' can't do that sort of thing. So, is expressing such views just limited to manual workers?
  9. I can equate peoples rights to freedom of expression very easily. Many years ago, people wouldn't accept a gay doctor, or a gay teacher. Luckily, people have the right to express their sexuality more freely now. That freedom of expression should exist in all aspects, regardless of the particular belief being expressed. For me, that is sacrosanct.
  10. Perhaps we should also prescribe what political beliefs people should be able to hold too, in these professions? We wouldn't want labour party members being teachers, indoctrinating our kids would we? Where should it stop?? If you look back 50 years and look at the struggle people went through to speak up for gay rights, and pushed for freedom of expression of their views and their sexuality, that now is being tipped on its head, by people who should know better.
  11. woodview

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    That's the impression I got. He'd have to confirm or deny it himself.
  12. I don't think the code is in the website source . It will pull in the info you have entered, and the comparison site servers do the search based on data they hold or form submissions to the potential suppliers. You just get back the result.
  13. woodview

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    'no right' is a turn of phrase in that sentence. You have a right to say what you want. I think it's fairly clear what the sentence meant. If someone is taking solace in religion in a time of need, who are we to take that from them? And for what purpose?
  14. Well that's part way to the repression that some people want. It depends what your job is and your public face is supposed to be. I don't want or expect you to say. Social media is how lots of people communicate. So speaking about these unspeakable things is now confined to the hushed surroundings of a dark, quiet corner in the pub? Not really a free and open and tolerant society is it?
  15. woodview

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    yes, you do have that right. And I have the right to comment that people should be left to their own devices to do what helps them in their situation.

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