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  1. Have they gone bust or something? Had been due to start our loft conversion next week but they are not returning calls/ emails at all! We had not paid a deposit or anything but it is still a pain, as we have wasted the last 6 months expecting them to be able to do the work. It would not matter if they had to delay the work/decided not to do it, but it would have at least been courteous for them to have let us know. Can anyone recommend any other builders/loft conversion companies?
  2. I need a good and reasonably priced hairdresser for my 6 year old daughter. We have up until now trimmed her hair at home, but it was all a bit traumatic last time so am looking for a professional. But I don't want to pay megabucks- she is only 6 after all and all we need is some neatening up. We live in S11. Any recommendations?
  3. My 11 yr old is driving me nuts. Some of his friends have just been given or already have mobile phones. One even has a blackberry! He says he needs it to keep in touch with his mates. He already has an i touch and access to computers and our mobiles and a landline. How will his "own" phone make a difference? I know it is about being grown up and like his peers and I do know that in the next 6-12 months he will need his own phone so he can keep in touch with us. But I was planning to recycle one of our old ones with a pay as you go thing. I feel like an ogre and some of my reluctance I know is about control ie me controlling him. Am I being difficult? Should I give in? He is a good kid. I know that this is the beginning of the end and just the first in lots of "discussions" about what he can and can't do. Any top tips gratefully accepted.
  4. i have 2 sons, 11 and 6. they are keen to start doing regular football. we live in s11. does anyone know of any local teams/clubs that might have space for them? thanks
  5. the city centre is not all bad! parking is a nightmare and really expensive but the buses in sheffield seem ok and relatively cheap. the moor is pretty grim but devonshire green and the top end of fargate are ok. meadowhell is horrible but unfortunately sometimes more convenient and has more shops than the centre. i used to live in leeds and the only reason the centre there has survived is bcse there aren't any big out of town "malls".
  6. Our boys started at Nether Edge primary this year and have settled in very well. The teachers are good but the physical environment is not ideal and there seems to be a certain apathy on the part of the other parents when it comes to the school We are looking at possibly changing to private achools and have considered westbourne and also birkdale. any thoughts about these schools? our eldest is 10 and we are in the catchment for silverdale. one option would be to stick it out for another year and move the younger one to a primary nr us (eccleshall/greystones/dobcroft) when the older one goes to silverdale. i went to a private school and until our move to sheffield and nether edge primary had not seriously considered private education for my kids. their previous school was really good. i would appreciate any constructive advice
  7. Hallo, am trying to organise karate lessons for my kids aged 5, 10 and 12 years old. We live in the bent's green area. Any recommendations? Contacted Castle Martial Arts and found them a little pushy and also they seemed really expensive. Ta
  8. We have just moved to Sheffield and my 10 year old son is keen to continue his guitar lessons(he has been learning for 1 year). Does anyone know any good teachers? We live in Bents Green and would prefer not to have to drive too far. Ta
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