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  1. Harios is named after the owners son ( Harrison ) . The owner is called Nicko
  2. A planning application has gone in for 300 houses 2,3,4 and 5 bedrooms on the old papermill site at Oughtibridge
  3. I used to work at the Paper mill further upstream , the fish there are huge , they even came up for coloured ear plugs then spat them back out.
  4. I thought it was just a rumble strip
  5. I know someone with 4 vans who makes a fortune out of them , when the Tour de France was on he made 1000 in a day , just from one van
  6. 4 lanes at leppings lane , crispy golden batter and pure white fish and lilys breadcakesfor the butties, gorgeous
  7. Been in today , the outside area is great , watched trout ???Trying to get up the weir , fantastic area , fire pit red hot , bar staff said it had cost £ 400,000
  8. Oceana opposite wisewood school site should be open , or mermaid on holme lane
  9. They pulled into HIllsborough stadium , might be something to do with the inquiry
  10. One of my mates has got a job with Rolls - Royce , they are starting an Advanced Blade Casting facility here in sheffield , they are all ready inteviewing , even though he's been told they won't be in full production untill 2016
  11. I saw an adult and 2 fawns this summer ,they were just stood in the middle of the road,just past the entrance to Hillsborough Golf club. 5-30 in the morning one Sunday,thought i was seeing things
  12. The Abacus portfolio management building is being demolished, the builders have been in measuring for the quote. They have to vacate by December,the original plan was to demolish up to the pub but the plan's were changed
  13. i used to work at an engraver's and we did marks for swann morton,when a surgeon retired they presented them with a gold scalpel engraved with the surgeon's name on
  14. Thanks for the replies folks,fibre glass it is
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