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  1. No but I will have a nice glass of wine please. Have you had a good day?
  2. Thank goodness WiseOwl, the voice of reason. I had started to read this thread thinking it was some sort of wind up, but as it got further in I realised these people were for real. I was beginning to wonder if it was just me, but I have had several jobs and have always acknowledged colleagues, even if it has only been a smile and a nod. I have worked in small offices of half a dozen or so workers where you basically have to converse to get through the day together, to large hospitals where it is impossible to know everyone but a friendly good morning or smile and nod in passing goes a long way. I really can't imagine that the original poster is such a fantastic asset to their company that they can afford to alienate workmates.
  3. The best Farmer's Markets are to be had are at Nether Edge which I think may be a monthly one. The produce is always local and excellent. The other, again a monthly one, is at Wentworth Garden Centre. Lots of local meat stalls, selling venison, ostrich, rabbit and pigeon pies as well as more regular meats, pork, beef etc. I have put monthly in this post but you should check as I am not 100% sure on that, sorry. But they are fab markets
  4. If one of your GP's at your surgery specialises in mental health problems or depression then chat to them initially. Tell then of your worry about having to wait for an appointment when you are particularly bad, some of them have an open access policy for this. It may only work with one or two doctors in the practice so you have to go when they are there. But how it worked where I used to work, if anyone with these problems needed to see the doctor that day they would be put on the end of that doctors list and they would come as surgery was finishing so they could spend the time they needed to with that doctor and not just have a 10 minute appointment.
  5. I am devastated, as I am sure Sue and the family are. I shall miss our chats and cuppa's, we had a lot of laughs. I shall remember the nice times. RIP Joe, my friend
  6. My friend and a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I am going to miss you so much. I looked forward to our cuppas, cake and chatter. We have put the world to rights many times. My thoughts and prayers are with Sue and the family. Stay strong. Fly safe my friend, another star in the sky tonight. Denise & Mick xxxxxx
  7. Stripe.............. Off to get dinner ready.......................bye
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