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  1. Sheffield Council pay low compared to other Local Authorities despite being a major city which adds to the pressures of the jobs many council workers have to do. My partner use to work in the Councils Homeless service and compared to Chesterfield Homeless department we were paid less. Chesterfield will have less homeless people to deal with because they don't have as many people living there and quite often homeless people with complex needs move from towns like Chesterfield and Rotherham to big cities like Sheffield meaning the proportion of complex homeless customers will be a lot higher in Sheffield than in Chesterfield. I don't know how the Council can justify not paying their staff more money than someone doing the same job in a small town. A lot of the time in the Council it comes down to how much your manager values the work you do and if they are prepared to fight for you to have a higher pay grade or sometimes they just manage to create higher paid jobs out of thin air for their friends.
  2. If you are close to S8 try Ludlows hardware shop on derbyshire lane
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of any Father Christmas's doing door step visits this year as I'm assuming a lot of Christmas grottos etc will not run? Cheers Vic
  4. Hi, A few weeks ago there was a market stall selling good quality pillows and duvets on the Moor but it's not been there this week, does anyone know where the stall has gone or if it's coming back. Thanks
  5. Hoping to go to Liverpool in August during the week but train tickets are £40 cheapest. Any ideas how I can get a cheaper ticket? Is it more expensive to go on a specific day of the week? Cheers
  6. Desperately trying to get my daughter fingerling for Christmas but they have sold out everywhere. Is there anyone with any inside knowledge as to when stores will be getting them in. Cheers
  7. With a bit of luck the numpty tree protestors might trip over the tree roots and have a life changing injury......and sue the Council for millions.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know the best car boot to flog mainly kids toys and clothes? Cheers
  9. Hi Louise, Thanks for your reply. I have tried to email you but is says your email account is full so it has bounced back. I'm looking to hire someone for an hour on sunday 7th august in S8, please can you pm me if you are available and the price. Thanks
  10. Hello, Im trying to find someone who does a childrens discos but incorporates a few games like musical bumps, who is local to S8. Any suggestions please. Thanks
  11. Hello does anyone know anywhere i can pay privately to get the meningitus b vaccine thanks
  12. Hello, Trying to find a venue in or around S8 for a childs bday party but the problem I'm having is I want it for a sunday morning. A lot of the venues I've come across are church halls and obviously all church's have services on a sunday so it's not possible to hire them at the time I want. Thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone know of companies that hire out ball pools? Also does anyone have a small bouncy castle they are wanting to sell? Thanks
  14. Hi, Does anyone know of any local cake decorating courses. Thanks
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