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  1. Thay got me outher day for 4miles over on penistion road but its rong charging that much i just have to bite the bullet and ait for a couple of hours cheeky s.......
  2. Hi my name gareth woodhouse i was at bent green school from 1993-1998 the headaster was mr elcs Im trying to rember some teacher like me huwet the maths teacher. Carlo scott the supply teacher. Miss greaves sinces teacher. Miss tea the resdentul staff. Mr huews the it techer.mr frank summert cant rember his last name just no he was scottish he was the pe teacher and ower football caoth as i was the goal keeper for the school team i would have posted some school pic but my mum has them. Right i rember being taken to school in a black cab to bent green school as u enterd the school ground u had the wall gate way with the house atavhed on the the left as u past the old coath house with was the residtul house u all saw the trees on your right big one thay was. U went round the corner of the old house where the was a big island where a old bent tree was on it just in frunt of the pe hall. As you walked off the minny bus or taxie down some stairs to the main hall way where u had changing rooms for pe u had the libery as you walked down past the woodwork room and the securterys room and stff room the as u past the door at the bottom u had the sinces room on the right the stair case going up to the next level where u had more class room u had two star cases on both ends. I all so rember 5he school dinners was grate there collyflower and cheses days with smoked gammom. All so rember going for walks in the peak districk for hours on end eating the school pac lunch all ways got the orange drink and a packet of plain crisp lol i rember as well we had a pool room wich we used at finner time with the snack bar for sweets in there 10p moxers ect table tennis all this was in the old cachhouse all do the yaz room. O all do loked stopping at the resodend side twice a week where u eather got a sherd room or the flat on the top floor rember thows marble stair case going up. Trups out to meddowhall at night or thw cinamer or the swimming bath good old days i addmit i had issuws with sume teachers there but it was grate i lernt all life skills there ect and ternd out fine i wish i could have a school reunien with my class mates as well but most off all i married my class mate and still married today as well if u want more info leave me a pm on here thanks
  3. It could all so that windows is on its way out could be if so all u have to do is a fresh install of windows but back up all your stuff first if that fixes it I had same problem now I don't have owt like that now hope this helps
  4. :help:Hi all I got a problem with my bios on my motherboard it a bios problems its a Foxconn n15235 I'm running xp on a dule core 3.0ghz the problem is on bios I can't over clock it should be 800 on it but it gives me 220 lowest and 233 highest on over clocking and all bios is rong but I gaming fine exp when it comes to inter playing it says pc to slow and kicks me I got plenty of ram and two hdd. At 500g can eney1 help as I want full protensel. Out of my pc cheers
  5. Hi I went there in 1993-1998 and it was okay but still crap all so was reading that Mr heard was teaching there well before the 1980s and he was still there when I left in 1998 wtf he was like a bad old standard in the housing couldn't rub him out lol I can't complained thow. As it was grate for having resadensel and trips out to the country side camping ect the school was ariganly a coach house in the 1800s. The arigenel building still there and still got the drafty halls with 3 floors with bed rooms and the Marbell. Stairs hope this helps all so looking for old pics
  6. Does eney1 no where to bye the geforce 6800 from exept for ebay 2ctr need a shop or if u no some 1 hos selling 1 let me no
  7. plz could u help me plz as i need 2x ddr1 mem for my acer travelmate 2500 i have looked all over and need asstents with this need them cheap eney1 no plz give us a shout iv tryed gumtree and ebay but had tubbel tying to get them thanks
  8. does eneyone no places in sheffield to get bits and bobs 4 the dell insporn 1300 as im looking for the buttons an keybord and a battery
  9. you have to can your password and user name i had the same prob yesterday just got broadband with them and had trubbel logging on the ne with the router it kept swiching off after 2 mins just retipe it agen and the change it it sort it out strate away hope this helps
  10. just bort one flys like a bat out of hell:loopy:
  11. haw grate thay are just get old just sat there lol
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