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  1. hehe

    Wensley street prefabs

    Didn’t the knowles family lived at the last house on cyclops street
  2. Jad279 do you know anything about them witch yard are you taking about Jed do you remember mr and mrs greenwood that lived at no 36
  3. Does anyone know if they have started building on cyclopsst yet does anyone know anything about Norma Allen I think she lived on cyclopsst
  4. Hello could anyone tell me what happand to John Crabtree he lived on Margaret street the first house on the right after mrs thains shop in the50sand early 60s thanks
  5. Hello jean j my wife says her uncle joe bothamley had the chippy after mrs smith into the 60s hope it helps
  6. Shelia how old was Steve we used to knock about together when we were kid's and Mick ward and a lot more that lived round the lump in the 50sand early ,60s bye
  7. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Skippy and dors thanks for the card from hdhd
  8. hehe

    Grimesthorpe School 1960s

    Martin PC 464are tony Martin that lived on cyclops at
  9. Hello I think that's the one skippy have you still got the boat cheers
  10. Hiya skippy it's a photo taken when he was on tour and he was on in Sidney you have your arm around is shoulder you showed it me about 3or4 years ago I think dors is on it hope your ok is the back any better both take care
  11. Skippy when did you have that photo taken with joe cocker I herd on the radio today hope you and dors or ok take care
  12. Hello I'm looking for the Allen family lived at 17Norman St Attercliffe their on the 1911/census I know there were 9or 10 children but what happened to them I don't know hope you can help thanks
  13. Hoya does anyone know anything thing about Mick ward hr lived at 34 Cyclops St up to them being knocked down in 73
  14. Hos George broardhead these days hope he's OK he will be about ,69,by ---------- Post added 10-10-2016 at 13:46 ---------- Thanks that's right hehe
  15. Started all so when it was bonfire time Mr taffinder would bring us some timber for it on the back of his lorry he was a driver for big local firm if forget their name got it was trustees by

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