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  1. Didn’t bob hinchcliff work there and didn’t he run the football team as well I think he was a fitter he used to work at British steel in the 70s
  2. Hello the barleys I think they lived at no24 cyclops street they had two girls called Ann and Christine I think there was called frank and the dysons lived at the top St. Petre did you know the crabtrees that lived on Margate st the George’s used to breed pigeons they had some huts on the top on cyclops street then they moved up to grimesthorpe road and built some new big ones I think that wes Derrick and a Ken or kenny and dad Tommy
  3. Had did you know anyone who lived on the other side of the street were did the deegans live on cyclops street did you know anyone who lived higher up then you
  4. Jimmy did you know many family’s that lived on cyclops street
  5. I remember seeing them at the pitsmoor w m c with my wife in the 60s
  6. I think you’re right Jim he lived on shirehall road at the bottom near Sicey Avenue up to 2001
  7. Pincher pat could you tell me who lived in your yard apart from the Dunn’s and taffonderd/moorhouses I think the Higgins moved in after you left hehe
  8. Can anyone tell me who the family’s we’re on cyclops street in the 40sand50s
  9. I think Norma lives on Firth park somewhere did you know bob fornell he lived on shirgreen
  10. Ken Gray can you remember playing football in the Dunn’s yard and Margaret and Jennifer played as well they must have been some of the first girls to play football and they’re didn’t seem to be many windows broken we’re there
  11. The Greenwood’s I know we’re OAPs that I knew in The 50s and60s we left cyclops st in 1974? I think they were still living there then jad witch yard did you live in
  12. I know someone who worked there his name was Tom Gould he was a P O W in the 2nd WW he as a interesting story I think he worked in the saw department
  13. Peanut what is your name I know someone called peanut as well
  14. Didn’t the knowles family lived at the last house on cyclops street
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