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  1. Single most narrow minded post I've seen in ages. Niche had a problem back in it's hay day but things have moved on. Long gone are the days of Niche blaring out bassline which ultimately attracted the wrong crowd. The new Niche will be playing old skool which won't attract the wrong crowd. Niche will no doubt have some trouble from time to time but it'll be no different than any other place in Sheffield. I used to see more trouble in town than at Sydney Street back in the day. Drugs are rife in any club or bar in Sheffield by the way.
  2. Got a galvanized inside and out 10FT trampoline frame, it's no good for use anymore! Anyone know if a scrapper would give you anything for it? Not so clued up about the topic in question.
  3. This is going back about 3 years. I was pole fishing and some lad was pikeing! Didn't know there was any in until I seen him catch a couple of small uns (jacks). Funny you mention something about a leak. Walked around it the other week and from what I remember that water seemed low(ish). A few dead fish around the side as well :/
  4. Once went down and seen a kid catch a couple of pike, anyone know if there's still some in there?
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