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  1. Cheers, where abouts in Gleadless are the woods??
  2. I have just been to Frecheville pond with the children to look for tadpoles/frogs, however there was absolutely none. We wanted to catch some for a new school pond so left very disappointed. Is it me or should there have been 1000's this time of year?? Or is it just that Frecheville pond is to polluted for them now?
  3. Just wondered if the funfair is due at Endcliffe park? I have got it in my head it is this weekend for some reason. Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Does anybody know what has happened on Birleymoor Road at the top of Occupation Road?
  5. I have recently visited Birley Primary School that used to be the Crescent site for the seniors, I could not believe how much it had changed it looks fantastic now, I left in 1991 and the difference is staggering. I was just wondering if anbody had any old pics of the inside and outside (of the Avenue site too) as it is so different I could not work out where I was. Also I went to Basegreen school and wondered if there was any pictures of that school knocking about, that was a fantastic school I loved it there, especially Mr Unwin who was one of the greatest characters I ever met.
  6. Yep it stopped again haha think its just getting a practice in for when it goes dark
  7. http://sccplugins.sheffield.gov.uk/utc/cam16.htm Looks heavy on this traffic cam, getting slightly faster in basegreen too
  8. Tried that but couldnt find anything for the home and living, it closed at 8pm thnx for help
  9. Thats brilliant thanks ever so much, didnt want to have a wasted journey !! Holiday clothes here I come hihi
  10. We are going to Asda home and living on Dearne Valley parkway off j36 tonight, I just wondered if anyone knew the closing time and if they do clothes there too?? would be a great help Thnx in advance
  11. LSUK on Saville street, they do a free check. Know these guys personally I really recomend them, promise you wont have any problems.
  12. Its just a training exercise, I work next door and they sent us a letter just saying that they would be stopping veichles parking on the road and that the fire service and police would be carrying out some sort traing around the site. I think they hold lots of extremely dangerous chemicals there so its a routine thing.
  13. Its moat house who is doing ours, the quality of the job and the workmen are spot on cant fault at all, its them organising it that are a sham, we still not heard anything from anyone. Reporting it to the local goverment ombudsman now cause i been told that is the way to go, and might email the star to see if they show an interest. Just gets my goat that they can just walk all over you just because we are tenants. Would love to know if we have any legal fight. Tenants rights and all that
  14. We have been having the improvement work done to our home, so far it has lasted 11 MONTHS !!! I have never known such a farce (or farse) in all my life. We was told it was going to be 8 - 10 weeks, from the day it started we have been told NOTHING, nobody returns your calls or contacts you in any way. When we put a letter of complaint in we got a letter back a month later saying the house was finished last October, however people have still been letting themselves in with the keys as our neighbours have seen them coming and going. I wrote to them again telling them if the work was finished then why was workmen and other people still coming into our house while we was at work and demanded our keys back, another month later we got our keys pushed through the door with a note saying "your keys back" The only choice we have now is to report them to the local goverment ombudsman as nobody will reply to us, I must state that we have NOT had any conflict with anyone or hassled them we have been quite mellow so we are not just been treated like this because we have been awkward, also I cant take anything away from the workmen they have been fantastic, its the backroom staff and the liason officer that are clowns. If anybody is due to have this work done be VERY careful they do not take your security into account in any way !! And we are still not finished !!
  15. This is just another way of them above screwing money out of us, if they are going to charge us for using cars in city centre why do they keep building raods in city centre??? or roads into city centre??? Why not just take the roads out of the city centre and have it all pedestrian??? have minor roads for deliveries etc...??? WHY????? BECAUSE THERE IS NO STEADY INCOME FOR THEM IF THEY DO THAT...THEY CANT SLAP ANOTHER CHARGE ON US !!! To solve the problem is easy, if there really is a problem, so why dont they just do it? Honestly do we need roads in the city centre?? I park just outside the city but I am still less than half mile away from town hall.
  16. And we got Kevin Blackwell in return? He was Warnocks second in command so how can that be a step forward? oh and didnt he walk out on the club to join Weeds? didnt leave on good terms just walked out and cheesed Warnock and everyone else off??
  17. Does it p**s anybody else off that they hardly ever mention Sheffield on the weather, its always Weeds. We are the 5th biggest City in Britain, we are central so why not put Sheffield. It also cheeses me off when everyone says Weeds is the capital of Yorkshire ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  18. I need to know now haha I know the manager I will ask when I see him, very rare I see him though.
  19. My g/f is a teacher who volunteers every year to go and stay there for the week, she is going again soon, she loves every minute of it. I always try and take our daughter up at night so she can see her mommy for a bit haha the kids are always having a really nice time. She tells me all the games and jobs they do, it sounds great wish I had gone when I was young.
  20. To start with its not funny he lives just on our road is anyone gonna laugh it is our house next? Also not all MP's are d***s, he is a fantastic down to earth bloke, does he live in a massive house paid for by us with our taxes? NO he just lives in normal Basegreen. He also did fantastic job as sports minister which is why he was the longest serving sports minister (I believe). Please lets be fair to one of the only MP's we have ever had that stayed amongst us and lived like us.
  21. BTW on camera 17 it is water, if you open the same window twice and move them side by side on your screen but refresh only one of them then compare them you can see the flow. I THINK
  22. Hope I can get to work tomorrow pppppfffffftttttttt Our yard backs on to the don on five wiers walk hahaha Would rather go to work than anyones house gets flooded though joking aside.
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