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  1. my partner is 61 and over 6ft tall, yet he screams like a little girl if he sees a spider, :/ :/ :/
  2. I picked a top from Sainsburys , it was priced at £8. when I got to the checkout it came up as £1... the assistant just smiled and said " that's a bargain ", lol,, best buy of the day :)
  3. life is for living, however long we have, we are all going to die at some point, I don't want to linger in a nursing home, ive worked in one and its not always a nice place to be,
  4. Shared on my fb page, hope he returns home safe and well soon,
  5. Can anyone advise on the best place to sell a private numberplate ?im changing my car but I want to sell my old numberplate, j17 uve,,, Thanx in advance for any advice :):)
  6. do youself a big favour and leave this lyingpig ,,, they never change,,,,,,once a cheat always a cheat, :/
  7. If you were given 24 hours to run this country,what would you do/change ?
  8. What is supposed to be the perfect figure ???? skinny , fat ,tall ,short,is there a perfect figure ??
  9. Hi Love, hope you feel better soon, it hurts , been there got the tshirt etc,, you take care, big hugs xx
  10. it seemed to be more than just rubbish all over the place, it literally stinks ,
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