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  1. No I don't mind putting it on here - my elderly cat had to be pts a couple of years ago, well it was horrific, a big built male nurse was pinning her down to the table with both his arms as she was panicking, the vet couldn't find a vein I think he popped it twice! It was that bad I had to force my hand under her chin to try and ease her distress as the weight of the "nurse" made her unable to even breathe! Absolute carnage and I never went back ! Horrible.
  2. The lady vet at peaks was lovely, and Gordon had a pain free end - which is the best I could do for him xx
  3. Thank you ! I shall ring Peak in the morning .. Kinda hoping he will pass in his sleep though xx ---------- Post added 23-10-2015 at 10:29 ---------- Thanks everyone, I'm taking him to Pesk vets at 3:30, they will gas him first Hate this part of having pets xx
  4. I only ever use Hall Court at Dinnington and the lady I spoke to said "it's an injection straight into the heart" for small animals. She didn't give me any other option - I can't go to the one at Killamarsh ever again but that's a whole different story- does anyone know any specialist rodent vets or vets who would listen to my concerns x
  5. Hello Our Gordon (Syrian) started losing his fur about a month ago, he's hardly eating and I'm putting water to his mouth to keep him drinking, he sleeps nearly all the time - he looks like a fat bald rat! I need him putting to sleep poor thing but my vets said they'll inject him directly into his heart, I can't do it - does anyone know a vet who could gas him first ? My husbands laughing at me but I don't want Gordon's last few seconds to be in any way painful! He is very much loved, I have gradually removed all his tubes and toys as he is barely walking - and he has safe bedding in, to keep him comfortable, and looking online it's either old age or cushings disease (he's 3), and people suggest feeding him soft foods : scrambled egg, damp bread, baby food / which I have been doing but he's eating very little. I want an end to his suffering - but a gentle end - I don't know what to do
  6. When our old buster (17) started losing his appetite I boiled him chicken breasts, chopped up small - poured the broth on top which gave him fluids, he loved this and apparently it's easy on their stomach done this way xx
  7. I've got quite a bit off stuff I'll get it to them - I've also asked my family to help, please do all you can people to get this shop re-stocked for the sake of the animals xxx
  8. Sorry, I forgot to reply :/ It's his back teeth - bad and infected! Had a course of antibiotics and I've booked him in for a dental next Friday ! Will keep you posted (if I can remember lol ) Thanks all
  9. Hello pet fans Sorry if you're eating but my cat has started dribbling a lot the last couple of days - it's clear, but quite thick - it appears to be coming from just one side, we've tried to look at his teeth but he's having none of it ! I'm taking him to the vets first thing but I just wondered if anyone has any idea what it might be ? Ta!
  10. My family and I donate quality items regularly to Thornberry, being our local charity we try to support them wherever we can. As a regular visitor in my opinion the animals there are well fed and looked after, the dogs are walked whenever possible (but again they need more dog-walker volunteers) and I would urge anyone who has any spare money/food/donations to go along and give a little, it's not the animals' fault they're in there at the end of the day is it? xxxx ---------- Post added 09-06-2014 at 20:47 ---------- ... and in my opinion it needs someone with fire in their belly to start raising funds, advertising more, gaining (and looking after) volunteers, gaining sponsors, etc etc.
  11. haha aw I once bred them by accident! lol! ended up buying a second hutch and run to separate all the randy buggers! they mate v early don't they? :/
  12. That's your opinion. However My rabbits lived very happily with not a fox, bear, snake or eagle in sight for 8 years so I'm all for letting them have the run of the garden, the OP would clearly never have left her pet out if she was in the slightest worried!. This forum riles me sometimes, people come on here asking for genuine advice and these are the type of responses they get! what makes it worse is more often than not the people asking for advice are clearly very upset. angelstar as I said if you need any help please message me I would be glad to come and help you to look for bunny! There are still some caring folk in the area
  13. there are two litters of kittens currently at thornbury, ready for reservation now, be better to go along though seeing as though no one ever answers the phone there!
  14. I used to leave my rabbits out 24/7 too, with the hutch doors open and numerous cats nosying around too. I think keeping them locked up in hutches all day and night is cruel so don't feel guilty for letting him/her out! all animals need exercise and some freedom In your original post you asked for advice........people are always very quick to criticise on here rather than advise so I'll give you what I can! From my experience, if he has bolted (when window cleaners probably left the gate open), or dug himself out somewhere where you can't see ... he will probably find his way home but it might take time. My neighbours let their rabbit out all day, he is constantly digging and hiding under the decking but he always turns up again. I think that rabbits, like all animals know where there home is, he/she just might not get home as quick as a cat or dog would. If you need any help searching or postering just message me ok, I'm not far away Good luck! xxxxx
  15. spot on murf, Hodgepig would go without food herself in order to keep the animals fed. At least his last night was filled with love and cuddles, you did your best and I'd have done exactly the same, and felt as angry as you rightly do xxx
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