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  1. Hi I've got a 60000 word children's science fantasy novel that, firstly, needs a developmental edit. I would prefer to work with someone in or around the Sheffield area (I live in Hope Valley). Anyone got any recommendations? Many thanks. Leo
  2. Need 5 posts before I can send a private message. This is No 3
  3. Hello As per my last reply, I am the real genuine Leo Richardson, of whom you both speak lol. When my mum died my dad went to great efforts to keep us together so although we all visited my grandmother regularly, none of us went to live with her in Liverpool. You're right though skippy_54, my mum did have a broadcast slot at BBC Radio Sheffield as part of "Womans Hour and also wrote the broadcast "Barney Fisher" stories, I was and am still very proud of her. I'm interested to know who you both are bluewren and skippy_54? you both must have known my family quite well.
  4. Hello I'm Leo Richardson from Grindleford and I have the same brothers and sister you mentioned. Who are you? Best Regards Leo
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