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  1. Its a lovely spot although it won't get a lot of sun during certain times of the year, but......... Once again Malin Bridge/Holme Lane/Hillsborough Corner, it's the only way in or out......how much more traffic can these roads and junctions take.
  2. Those two that you mention failed because they were both poor especially Bar & Grill which really didn't know what it was, was it a bar, or a restaurant, the lay out was poor and the food not much better for what they charged (and i'm not your usual Sheffielder, I don't mind paying). I had one horrendous dining experience in there so never returned. The London Club if you didn't know it was there you'd just walk past and was run by that excellent chef that had a habit of not lasting very long with whatever restaurant he ran. Miller and Carter is a great chain and will do well in that location, it is the type of place the City Centre is crying out for.
  3. I recently landed at Manchester Airport after a short flight from mainland Europe to the new extended bit of Terminal 2, I had to endure a long long walk to passport control and in doing this walked along a very sparse dull wide corridor (it’s a construction site). As you’re walking you can’t help but look at lots of posters and banners on the walls advertising Manchester and what it has to offer, the city centre, the football clubs, the historical parts, the modern parts, it’s squares, shopping and culture, but not only that you come across smaller posters/banners advertising other areas in the north.......Newcastle, Durham, York, Liverpool, Leeds, Chester, Yorkshire Dales, North Wales...........even The Hope Valley, absolutely nothing, not one single poster with Sheffield on. I just shook my head and laughed, but wasn't at all surprised this city is so far off the map and people’s radar it’s frightening. The place is dead to outsiders and the people that live here go ape if they have to spend more then a tanner.
  4. Unfortunately we’re lumped in with Sheffield Brightside these days and are one of the poorest constituencies in the UK. Lowest wages, poorest health and education........may I ask who voted for that.
  5. Get it knocked down and the one next to it (not Laycock House), it’s of no architectural merit whatsoever. They’re are lots of buildings in Sheffield that we do need to keep and restore, this isn’t one of them.
  6. Regent Street just up from the Ice Cream place at the junction with Glossop Rd
  7. It was a tongue in cheek comment aimed at Pete...pss60. FWIW I've been in a Dirty Martini in London and they're nothing special. Looking forward to visiting Public.
  8. You won't find people that go in those kind of places wasting their time posting on forums like this.
  9. I live on a road in Hillsborough and I can't descibe the relief in knowing that the 4 large trees at the top of my road are being chopped down and replaced. They maybe healthy but they are far too large for a small street and in the autumn and winter the road is like a ploughed farmers field with leaves and muck. Thank you SCC and Amey for seeing sense and chopping them down. And to the huggers that turned up on the street to demonstrate, of which not one lived on it, we don't want your interference thanks, please stay away.
  10. pss60 is the same PS60 on skyscrapercity.com and PeteS on The Star website that regularly posts derogatory remarks about Sheffield while praising Leeds. He's been doing it for years, is very boring and very repetitive. Yes he has a point, Sheffield doesn't have the bars/restaurants that other City's do and does suffer from not having a Monday - Thursday crowd like others but God does he bang the same drum over and over. Oh and by the way, The bar and grill failed because it was crap, end of. The London Club was run by a great chef but every single one of his establiments has failed IIRC
  11. Had mine done last year and they made a great job by Advanced, 07917876122, I think the guys called Mark http://www.advancedblasting.co.uk
  12. West 10 in Ranmoor is probably the closest you'll get to what your looking for.
  13. Went a couple of months ago, food is ok nothing special but what kind of italian restaurant runs out of Prosecco on a Saturday night, they had no small bottles left and wouldn't open a bottle for a glass. Don't know what the fuss is about if you ask me. There's better Italian Restaurants in Sheffield.
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