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  1. Hi, Thanks for all the advice. I think you might be right about the concrete.... and that also explains why i cant find any information about restoring them on the web! I guess i will clean it then hide it underneath something - maybe some nice tiles!
  2. Hi, I am sanding the floors in my home in crookes and wondering what to do about the old hearth stone. I cant find any information online about how to restore or clean them (Im not keen on removing it) Here is a picture so you can see its condition: http://nugrafik.com/hearth Has anyone restored theirs? Or know what kind of stone it might be? Thank you very much for your help.
  3. Hi, I would like to put some floating shelving in the alcoves either side of a fireplace. Has anyone used a tradesman for this job and would recommend them? I found this guy who does it but they look a little pricy: http://www.qdscarpentry.co.uk/info2.cfm?info_id=117801 Thanks for your help.
  4. This is a brilliant idea. I have seen something similar on Sheffield Gumtree but not many people have posted: http://www.gumtree.com/skills-language-swap/sheffield
  5. Drag Me to Hell 9/10 so much better/funnier than you think it will be!
  6. Hi Martin, Did you get any further with this project? Thanks, Kira
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