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  1. I was in Lodge Moor hospital with scarlet fever aged 6. That was in 1957. I remember a lovely nurse brushing my hair every day and singing Scarlet Ribbons to me.
  2. can anyone tell me exactly where Fowler street was? I seem to remember walking under a bridge.
  3. Hi John! Are you John Copley? Wish the ABC streets were still there. Know what you mean about the old memory. Hope you are keeping okay. Love Jackie x
  4. Anyone used to go in Vic pub on Penistone Road before it was demolished? Around 1970.
  5. Spider at the Limestone garage back of Claywheels Lane. He's very reasonable and brilliant.
  6. No I went to Burton Street also known as Langsett Road.
  7. My daughter Karen Blackwell (Marriott) remembers them all.
  8. my brother in law was an accountant there. he is 74 now and his name is roy bramall
  9. Was Scoleys the newsagents? I remember Whootons and mcGowans
  10. I am 61 and went to Chaucer same time. Jacqueline Coulson
  11. Mrs Towler lived opposite me. I think she lived next to Slinns.
  12. I used to live in the street opposite, Fawley Road
  13. Hi John! Jacqueline Marriott (Coulson) here. Hope you are keeping okay.
  14. my dad, George Coulson, was a Prisoner of War in Japan.
  15. Yes I had him for maths too. I was terrified of him!
  16. Their sister is karen and she is younger than Alan,
  17. Miss Booth was my first and third teacher.
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