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  1. Afraid to say, based on my one visit, I couldn't disagree with you more - it was horrid!
  2. It's a fair point. Does Arsenal/Spurs, Everton/Liverpool, Man City/Man United, Newcastle/Sunderland etc etc lose such capacity with surely a similar need for strict segregation?
  3. Ah, you answered my question whilst I was composing it!
  4. Fair enough - a more emotive answer - and, by the way, my question really didn't have any implied criticism. So, as a person who has been to one Wednesday game this season, would I have been able to fill one of those empty seats or would I not even qualify to buy a ticket?
  5. Taking an interest in Sheffield football because I live here, I was interested and surprised to see that the attendance figure for the recent SWFC v SUFC was 33,439 compared to Hillsborough's official capacity of 39,814. Having got the impression that supporters of both teams would pack out the ground, 6,375 empty seats seems rather a lot. Anyone know why? Reasons I could think of off the top of my head would be: - seat capacity lost due to segregation (netting and that lark) - purchasing conditions; the necessary stubs etc Or is the attendance actually reflective of demand? Put it this way, I would have come to sample the atmosphere if I knew I could have got a ticket - just assumed it would sell out. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
  6. M&S @ Hillsboro corner! Can just see all the daytime drinkers from Legends popping out for a prawn sarnie to soak up the booze! Maybe not... Have to agree about not wanting to shop Morrisons - anyone else think the standard of the fresh food there has deteriorated a great deal in the last year? As for a Weatherspoon's at the Deep End... yawn, yawn... But is could be worse I suppose.
  7. I'm a Cambridge United supporter - so trust me, I'm used to appalling football!! I will come back - I live close to the ground and miss football. Probably go in the Kop next time rather than the South Stand which, though offering an outstanding view, meant we were surrounded by those type of fans - which I know every club has - who like nothing more than to have a good moan!!
  8. Went to my first Wednesday game yesterday. Impressive stadium - shame I can't say the same about the team!
  9. lol - and I haven't even read this though it was just two posts above my coment!
  10. Kebab World in Broomhill is consistently good. Lamb shish and kofte large mix kebabs are always really good.
  11. Apparently the reunion is taking place on 22/3/06 according to a poster by the name of Affroboy on http://www.stoneroses.net/discussion.html. Sorry - I called your rumour one of the worst! Touch harsh!
  12. This might be a silly question, but do full surveys for a house purchase check the central heating system and electrics or is it more to do with just the structure of the house etc?
  13. No thanks!! Don't wanna be reminded of last year at all thanks!!
  14. Played for Eastern Counties (Essex, Suffolk, Cambs, Norfolk) at rugby union and had a trial for London and the South East - at which point it became clear that I wasn't quite the man mountain required to compete in the back row at that level. Haven't played a single game since I left uni in 1999 and occassionally get the itch. Bearing in mind my now appalling fitness level, can anyone recommend a union club in Sheffield?
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