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  1. I thoroughly recommend Uncle Sam's on Ecclesall Road, great american food, very reasonably priced and a lovely atmosphere to sit in. They even have a little train whizzing around on a train track attatched to the roof, which I think is a really nice little feature. I would also recommend trying Piccolinos on West St. Gorgeous Italian food and lovely atmosphere!
  2. Hi Tom, I've just started my own little project on Sheffield and I'm always on the lookout for interesting buildings, fountains, signs etc to photograph so I can really capture the character of Sheffield. I would suggest just driving around Sheffield and or going on the bus and go all the way around Sheffield and just keep getting off and photographing when you see something interesting. That's what I do. There's the botanical gardens, peace gardens, winter gardens, the old law courts opposite castle market, victoria quays, the old buildings just across from the boardwalk, the old le carno ballroom thats just been turned into a sainsburys on abbeydale road and also howard street where theres a really nice fountain. There are loads of places, but I thought I'd give you a few to start you off. Hope that that gives you some ideas Ditz
  3. Hey lotti, Congratulations on the new camera! I'm glad that you've found one to your liking, you should really enjoy taking pics now, i think the first photo is very cute btw! See you on monday!
  4. Aww it was great! I was on brightside bridge near meadowhall station! Got a few shots of it, there were quite a few people on there, although I wasn't surprised! Couple of really great trains there, wish I'd been on it!
  5. Thanks Tas1, I have had a look at that site and it looks good, but it doesn't have as many restaurants reviews listed on there as I would like. I thought about forummers writing reviews on here because a lot of people from Sheffield use this site and I thought it might be more useful to write a review on here where there's more chance of it being read than on another website. So what's the best place to eat in Sheffield then?
  6. Hi Frank, Thanks for the encouraging post, I'm glad you think it's a good idea, hopefully other people will think so too! I would definitely use this service too as sometimes you see a place you'd like to eat at, but you're just not sure about it. I think it would be a good thing to be able to tell people whether a place is good to eat at or not, so all we need is some reviewers!
  7. Hello Sheffield Foodies, I know that theres already a website out there that allows people to look at every restaurant in Sheffield and read reviews about them, but I was wondering if we could start something like that on here? I got the idea last night when I discovered this fantastic, independant restaurant on Ecclesall Road after finding a lot of other places had stopped serving food for the night. I wondered if we could have a sub-section on the Sheffield Foodies section of the Sheffield Forum offering reviews of restaurants in Sheffield? Btw the place I ate at was Uncle Sams Diner, complete heaven! Lovely food, in which there was plenty of it, a good range of condiments and lovely service! The decor was great and it was cheap aswell! I'd recommend going there as not only is it great, but it's a good way to support an independant restaurant thanks!! So what does everybody think then?
  8. I know that this thread is very old now, but I happenend to come upon it today while looking at todays posts and must say it's a really interesting thread! I once went on a ghost walk around Sheffield a few years ago and I heard off the guy doing it, I think his name was Mr P. Dreadful, that there is a morgue with stone slabs under the Cathedral in town. And not only that, but there happens to be a tunnel leading from under the cathedral to what is now Boots cellar! And that is supposed to be haunted aswell! Very interesting stuff! I wonder if anyone has done a book on it? Would love to know more about this stuff!
  9. Wall- E Horton hears a who Madagascar 2 Be kind rewind Indiana Jones 4 Get smart
  10. Probably too late to contribute now, but I've really got into salmon just a lately! I love it! I've tried out a couple of recipes to go with it too and I thought I should share them with you. Do try the salmon fillet and watercress sauce meal that you can get from marks and spencer for 2.99, it really is gorgeous! At first I couldn't believe that they'd dared to spoil salmon with something as horrible as watercress, but as a sauce it's lovely! I really do like going into the kitchen and just seeing what I can make with the ingredients that I have because you can really come up with some lovely food that you wouldn't think would go together. The first time I bought salmon, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I wanted to put a really nice sauce on, but didn't really know what went with it. So I went to the cupboard in the kitchen and got out the first recipe book I could find. That happened to be 'McDougalls Centenary Cook Book'. As I was flipping through it I came across a recipe for hot cheese dip, well I'm not one for spicy things so I just left out all the spicy ingredients and proceeded to make it. This is the most delicious thing you could ever put on salmon, ooo please try this! I also recommend adding some sliced mushrooms to this dip aswell! Ingredients: 1 oz of self-raising/plain flour. (28g) 1oz butter/margarine (28g) 8 oz of grated cheese (not neccesary to do that much, you can choose how much cheese you want in the dip) (227g) 1 pint of milk A pinch of salt. Melt fat in a saucepan, add flour, stirring with a wooden spoon. Cool for a few seconds, then add milk gradually, stirring vigorously after each addition. Bring to boiling point, add cheese and salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes stirring all the time. Enjoy!!!!
  11. Well done lottie, you came across very well on Calendar, I am absolute rubbish at that sort of thing, but you did great! Tell us what the text numbers are as soon as you know so we can start voting for you and T!Good Luck!
  12. Aww lotti im very sorry to hear about that! I hope your ok xxx hug
  13. Aww well done lottie, will have to watch this when it comes on calendar, it should also be good publicity for the shop aswell!! Good luck!
  14. Hi JillM, My mum says thank you. She hasn't bought any black yet so your suggestion should be fine. Thanks again,
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