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  1. Hi Can anyone recommend somewhere I can get 2 Xbox One Controllers repaired in Sheffield (Hillsborough or Centre) 1 button on each is not working properly Thanks
  2. I need a puppy sitter for an 8 week old whippet on Thursday 25 Feb from 9am - 3pm. Ideally from S5/S35/S36. Short notice but we have a family funeral and are unable to get a local sitter. Ideally need someone who has experience with very active pups as she will need more or less constant attention. She is being crate trained at present (We did try and postpone collection of our new pup, but couldn't) Please message me if interested ---------- Post added 23-02-2016 at 21:40 ---------- Hi thank you to all have messaged, much appreciated. We are now sorted with the help needed
  3. Unfortunately we don't get to pick or choose who does the work, we just have to open the door when they are sent and let them in then hope for the best. I agree not all the work is bad, there has been some good workmen in here who have done a job and done it right and we've been happy with the work etc, but the majority of the finished work isn't good. The most annoying part has been the dis-organisation and the lack of schedules and who's coming in when and then jobs having to be re-done. I just have to keep in mind that, the windows, heating and electrics are now better and safer and that the bathroom and kitchen are slowly getting better the nearer we get to completion of them and that the end result will be a better home for us. ....... as for the effects the whole process has had on us personally it will def be at the top of the "worst times of our lives" list
  4. to be honest , there's that many different contractors coming in for different trades with no notice given and without any one ever confirming where they are from other than saying the job that they've come to do. but Parsons is the name I hear the most alongside Kier when anything has to be checked. Luckily YGI didn't start any work on the house, although they were scheduled to start but the start date was delayed when they went. The workmanship on almost every trade that has been in is very poor and well below professionals standards. school boy errors are being made. for example. the overflow pipe not connected on the bath, which caused 2 leaks into the room and ceiling and wallpaper damage plus damage to a wii console. Washing machine pipes being jammed into the small space in the cupboard, instead of cutting out a small piece to thread them through, luckily i was in the kitchen and realised the water wasn't coming through or it could have caused damage to the washer. I have an endless list of damage that has been caused to our personal things from carpets to light shades, If these things were happening in a privately owned house or a private rented house, well they wouldn't happen but because we are "only" council tenants it doesn't seem to matter that these mistakes happen. Think they forget that these houses are our homes and their actions are affecting all the family, my children have also been upset by all thats been happening on top of getting the stress vibes from us. It's not good at all and we feel as though we are being treating with no respect for our well being or for our personal belongings.
  5. Parsons did. well are still doing mine. Total shambles from start to where we are now on week 10 !!!
  6. I'm into week 8 now of the decent homes work. I agree it's a total nightmare from organisation to the workmanship. regardless of it being a council house we should still be seeing more organisation, liaison and better finished products. The plasterer did a terrible job, the walls are worse than they were before and now the paints on it's horrendous. Jobs are started and not finished. We've had endless amounts of damage to our personal things from broken light shades to ripped carpets and the mess left after each job, even when i've been told ,"we've cleaned up " i've had to follow up with proper cleaning. Contractors turn up to do jobs with little or no notice, most with the aim of getting in doing the job fast, without a care for the finish. I was given 5 minutes notice at 8.15am during this week to clear the kitchen, they know i have children and do a school run, but they don't care, after all we are only tenants ! I have totally had enough of the whole process and can't wait for them to sign the house off as finished, but this will not be done before xmas as still many things to correct and jobs to be finished. The whole process is starting to make me ill with the stress of it all and it is affecting all the family including our children. We never wanted the work doing. but the house had not been touched for well over 30 years so needed to be brought up to date, especially with electrics, windows and the heating. Luckily I was allowed to leave the cooker and the washer connected in the kitchen, without the use of these i think i would have ended up camping out at our parents . I sympathise with anyone that has gone through this over the last 10 years or so and more so for the houses that are being done last. I'd heard quite a few horror stories in the past, but always thought that they were vamping the problems up and complaining at the slightest things, now i'm in it I know what was said is true.
  7. Mod Note Please raise a thread in "jobs" section, for a quote
  8. I don't drive to pick my kids up at all, i walk. but the schools have to think about the teachers and the staff as well who may live miles away from the school and have no alternative but to drive. They also have to weigh up what is happening from hour to hour, it's stopped snowing where I am now, but they have to watch the weather to make sure that all pupils and staff are able to get home safe.
  9. Agree with SuperHans - want my children home safe and the teachers, many who travel a fair distance to work home safe as well. rather have them miss a few hours at school than to lose a few children and adults in car accidents. More gritting would be appreciated though !!!
  10. Sparrowhawk, we've had a few kill pigeons in the same way around the bottom of the garden
  11. let me know if you need any help good luck - pm me if you want my facebook user name x
  12. great Daybreak - sure you'll be happy with the results - see you prob in the members area good luck
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