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  1. What about Smith & Snape, where was their workshop?
  2. Yeah, brilliant, many thanks
  3. Kidley, you seem to be agreeing with me, can you tell me anymore?
  4. Yeah, I remember him with the Fortunes but I thought he later fronted a band called the Candies. I can't find any reference to this (hence the post) so I might be cracking up!
  5. Does anyone remember Glen Dale and the Candies (Candy's)?
  6. Thanks to Hillsboro for even more info on this subject, great job. I'm going to check out what is left up there. Looks like 201 Shirecliffe Road could be The Woodlands.
  7. Yeah,I agree, its was probably demolished during construction of Cooks Wood Road. Thanks for the scan from Kelly's Directory 1942. Voldy is probably right about the 6 inch map being hurried.
  8. Yes, I've read that before, about the origin of the name and I've seen the 1850 map which clearly shows the wood. The maps I refer to clearly show it as Cockswood (all one word) in 1938 when the road was under construction and again in 1948 when it is complete. see here http://maps.nls.uk/view/100950071, what about Shirecliffe Hall?
  9. Does anyone know when Cockswood Road became Cooks Wood Road? The 1938 and 1948 maps show it as Cockswood Road. ---------- Post added 05-12-2015 at 10:21 ---------- Also. when was Shirecliffe Hall demolished?
  10. Does anyone remember the Chinese on Cawston Rooad, they used to do brilliant mushroom omelettes?
  11. Very good info received from SUTman all we need now is the name of the filling station which replaced Beauchief Garage and I think we've got this one wrapped up.
  12. Yeah, I've seen the photo now. Looks like a new garage was built late 60's and possibly survived till the early noughties when flats were built. Any idea what the new garage was called and when the flats were built?
  13. All very interesting about the tram but what about Beauchief Garage and when were the flats built?
  14. I can only find 1 picture on"picturesheffield". Was the new garage also called Beauchief Garage? When was that demolished to build the flats?
  15. There is a photo of a tram in front of it standing at traffic lights. Did the tram run that far up Abbeydale Road South?
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