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  1. can anyone recommend anyone who provides and fits blinds ,thanks in advance
  2. knock a door run , Tiggy off the ground , mabs ,conkers ,scotch arrows ,kick can
  3. so sad a 14 year old has died , a targeted attack ,why? we probably will never know ,his parents must be beside them selves with grief , more to this than meets the eye
  4. one blade to another , catch a bus !
  5. what can we say with out the do gooders calling us RACISTS ,FFS
  6. for gods sake where is the postal service expensive ???? get rid of royal mail you will see expensive
  7. what a brilliant person you must be bet you have never done owt wrong, Jesus !
  8. got to be easy to catch the bin nicker AND where are they taking them to and some one Must have seen them wheeling them away ---------- Post added 01-08-2018 at 22:16 ---------- do you know the bin wagon can swallow the bins happened to me twice
  9. and jordanthorpe and batemoor! Why miss them out ????
  10. well that did not work out did it ,this manager is clueless bad appointment ,by the way UTB
  11. nearly completed and looking fantastic cant wait for opening and looking forward to this summer shopping there' Great for the area though some people are not happy and hate progression . get a life you lot embrace the change
  12. not needed , CHUCK IT end of
  13. now is the time to run the tram from Herdings to Jordanthorpe Meadowhead Lowedges and Bradway makes sense to me
  14. looking good , cant wait for completion and opening! no more trips to crystal peaks
  15. I never buy this Sheffield Wednesday rag hated this crap since save our owls . garbage paper only fit for bog roll ! ---------- Post added 11-08-2017 at 22:50 ---------- I never buy this Sheffield Wednesday rag hated this crap since save our owls . garbage paper only fit for bog roll ! up the mighty BLADES who do not need the support of a BIASED rag
  16. why is it incorrect lane markings ? what about pillocks who do not indicate on a roundabout
  17. you will not see one in the winter unless you live on an exclusive private road
  18. if that's the case then the residents who live there should be having words with the culprits BUT guess what they don't give a flying ! if my neighbours were dropping crap every where then not only me would be giving them what for !
  19. the area is full of rats and vermin!
  20. Boring I know BUT that's me in the mornings back to 5 live foster is a rubbish presenter ,
  21. as a chef myself of 30 years why on earth would you want to wear clogs they aRE SO DANGEROUSE AND BAD FOR YOUR FEET, normal shoes are the best
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