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  1. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a Business English teacher or course available here in Sheffield. Needed for english as a second language person living here. Thanks!
  2. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a Business English teacher or course available here in Sheffield. Needed for english as a second language person living here. Thanks!
  3. My wife has a theory that the council create the pot holes in the road and use the tarmac to make the speed bumps. Hence they slow down traffic, save money and increase their recycling. There's only one flaw in the idea. I don't think the traffic dept has the wit to do anything that smart. Oh well, election results in and 4 more years of having the worst road network in the country.
  4. I grew up here, moved to London for 15 years and have moved back. London is fantastic once you get the hang of it but it's not a place where I wanted to settle down. When I got married and started thinking about having a family etc I thought life was much better here. London has so much to offer and Sheffield just can't compare on that front. Where Sheffield exceeds is in basic quality of life. Great people, lovely suburbs surrounded by amazing countryside. You can see the sky here and life is cheaper (except for going out!) I think the night life here for people over 30 is appalling. Culture, food, cinema, theatre, shopping, exhibitions. This is a desert. Sadly whenever I want real quality for these things I have to go elsewhere and yet I'm happy here.
  5. What I meant by that was I wanted to feel that all the councillors in the city were working as hard as they could for local people and not taking votes for granted. Basically if you're happy with your councillor, vote for them. If you're not or at best indifferent, vote for someone else and give them a chance to try and make you happy. I had a similar frustration when living and working in Westminster when even the Tories corruption and vote fixing scandals still got them reelected with even bigger majorities! One would have thought after Donniegate etc that Labour would have lost seats there but no. I just hate the fact that this allows laziness, corruption and complaceny to sink in over a period of time and it's local people who suffer.
  6. I have thought about how I'm going to vote and if you don't like it. Tough. You can spin it how you like but I'm not happy with the way the city is managed. It's nothing but a series of 'projects' with no strategy. Any third world country has a higher growth rate than the UK and so of course Sheffield has a high growth rate at the moment after decades of mismanagement. I really can't see why the council is winning any awards myself and the nightlife is soley aimed at under 30's. I'm not advocating voting for the Lib Dems to take control but for Labour to get a bloody nose because I think they deserve it round here. I know the other cities have mostly Labour control at the moment but the point is they have to fight for it at every election or lose it. That's not true here
  7. Choose one of the others just in case they might manage it! The current lot can't that's for sure. I'm voting for the strongest anti-labour party in my ward. I'd suggest other fed up people do the same.
  8. I've been having a bit of a think as to who I'm going to vote for on Thursday and have come up with this conclusion: "Don't vote Labour" I don't want this to be interpreted as being anti-Labour (though I'll admit it's easy to make that judgement from my conclusion!) but this is my logic. Every other Northern city/area which has been through the grinder in the eighties and stopped automatically voting in Labour MPs and councillors are all doing much better than us. Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool etc. All these cities have seen major regeneration to their centres and a vibrant cultural life which goes beyond student life. What have we got????????? I've basically decided it's not worth wiping my behind with our elected local Labour representatives as they take our votes for granted and so they sit around and do nothing good. I want to see them work for us, sweat for us or lose their jobs. That's what democracy is supposed to be about isn't it? I can't find anything positive to say about the local council or MPs at the moment and I want them to stop taking advantage of us. Labour lost control of all the other major cities for at least a while and where that has happened they seem to be working far harder for people's votes. So please go out and vote and make it count for something!
  9. You know you're in Sheffield when you go into the the town centre and find no shops worth going into. For a city this size we have to have the worst shopping in the country. You know when you're in Sheffield when the person is charge is a monkey with a red rosette.
  10. You've made me even more depressed now! I hope I never have to go on the pull again. I was just freaked out that a whole new generation has grown up since I first started going there!
  11. I went to the hairdressers recently and got chatting to the girl who was washing my hair and she really really scared me! Its not what she said but rather what her plans were. She was planning on going to the Leadmill for the first time ever. Ok, not a particularly scary thing until I realised that I went there for the first time when she was born and I still sometimes go! Ok, I'm no spring chicken and I can't help but notice that the majority of people there are far younger than me but I never thought I was old enough to be someone's dad there!
  12. Have a lot of sympathy for you t020. I remember having the same problem when I was younger. On a slightly different note. As I've spent most of my time driving around Europe I do have to admit that Sheffield drivers in general tend to be 'docile'. I'm sometimes flabbergasted at how people drive and can only conclude that some sleep drive or are extremely unaware of others around them. But back to the point. Sheffield has a pretty good bus system. A lousy tram system. Others modeled their trams on our mistakes. But the roads are third world and the new traffic calming systems are suicidal. Also the traffic light timings need to be played with to make it more effeicient and a one way system is not always the most efficient way to control traffic. Also bus lane timings ought to be better designed. I used to be a traffic surveyor and think sheffield council has a lot to answer for.
  13. Greater Sheffield! Sounds like a PR slogan. Why not Greatest Sheffield????? Anyway! Sheffield's a pretty cool place for student life if you're after bars, clubs etc but is a bit short if you're after museums, theatres or even a good choice of cinemas. But also very close to some great countryside and the people are lovely!
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