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  1. Hi, The new system works at GCSE as follows however Schools are free to use their own at KS3 as there is no longer N.C levels... 1c- 1- 1b- 1 1a- 1+ 2c 2- 2b 2 2a- 2+ 3c- 3- 3b- 3 4a-3+ 5c- 4- 5b- 4 5a- 4+ 6c- 5- 6b- 5 6a- 5+ 7c- 6- 7b- 6 7a- 6+
  2. Watch out the PC police are here...it's irrelevant whether she's asian or white; she failed to stop after hitting someone in the road, tried fitting through a gap that wasn't there would've definitely made contact with the front of her car and she kept driving on...
  3. Sadly not; the car had passed me and I saw her in the mirror hit the ambulance staff...they didn't get it either
  4. Driving near Newfield Green at approximately 2:45 saw an Asian lady driving a blue golf hit an ambulance worker who was stood next to the ambulance- drove off without stopping after she clipped her, I stopped to check she was ok luckily only a sore back.
  5. Golden syrup- 6 tbsp Porridge oats- 330g Unsalted butter- 200g
  6. I didn't mean literally what the hell is going on? I meant in Gleadless and areas recently. Becoming a nightmare.
  7. I live in New Mill in Huddersfield easily 8 inches- don't even attempt ingbirchworth as it's way I come to Sheffield.
  8. Tony Mc will be an absolute quality signing for United. As a Boro fan he was going to be a star when he broke on the scene, bad injuries put paid to England ambitions but he's still solid enough, good distribution from full back, solid tackler and will lead from the front- Wouldn't be surprised to see him Captain in the near future.
  9. You make a fair point- I'm no expert but my son is doing well.
  10. Perhaps they are moving in the wrong direction, I'm only basing this on my sons experience of the school, each child is different- from my point of view he is on target to achieve excellent grades in Y11. From a staff point of view it's my opinion again of how they have helped!
  11. Some interesting comments on the thread about the school. Newfield provides an excellent learning environment for students and there have been great strides made in the past 3 years. Despite poor results last year I have full confidence that my son will achieve his full potential due to the addition of some excellent staff during the aforementioned period. Staff are always very supportive and always keen to go the extra mile in order to help my son in any way that they can. There is a wide range of after school/lunchtime activities from sport, Dance and Music.
  12. Think i've managed to get one...anyone with another would be greatly appreciated.
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