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  1. Paul my first love went here what's he doing now left in 80
  2. I lived opposite Thom on hindehouse lane they where sound
  3. Leeds will still be in play offs and owls relegated just remind me of what the great owls crowd was if you take away the leeds fans as for our city there's only one club and it's not blue and white
  4. hi have you tried hinde house school they hire out and its cheap for all sports areas we train there 0114 2423910
  5. Hi I'm after a refund for 27th October 2pm ko if any is free
  6. hi we are after a referee for this sunday afternoon is anyone is free
  7. Any one from whiteways pagehall areas
  8. Just seen a couple of old faces up town were having a meet in Maggie mays on 26 October as many as possible to attend from years 78 to 86
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