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  1. Hiya, Mick don't think I know you but John was involved with the Ball before I played ,he came to the last reunion he is still involved in junior football ,come down and have a drink you will enjoy it ,hope to see you , Dave ---------- Post added 02-08-2015 at 18:52 ---------- Need to tell you the date 17/8/15 2 pm bungalows and bears division street
  2. Any old Ball Inn players from 1970's sides and before thay were managed by John Rogers and others, we are been having a few reunions and more people are coming anyone interested next meet is at Bungalows and Bears ,Division street ( old fire station),people you might know,John ,Barry Whittingham,Cassy ,Olly,tony Newton,John Penney,Malcolm Hobson,Tony Butcher, Pete Wilson, Dave Drabble. 2pm start come along great afternoon reminiscing and a few beers!!
  3. i see alan regularly, he lives close to me at aughton and goes in the robin hood there as i do, i will ask him when i see him about going to a reunion night.cheers
  4. Yeh i remember phil where do you live i am calling in the ball this friday i hope, i played for them for a few years and i am organising a reunion,so i came back to grimey after all, look forward to seeing you if you can make any of the reunions there is a grimesthorpe reunion quite regularly ,you will get the dates on this forum, cheers Dave
  5. Hi Chris, yes my dad was gordon ,mum died 30 years ago my dad lived in the flats the rest of his life he passed away 5 yrs ago, steve has lived abroad for years now,i will tell him to get on the forum,all the best Dave
  6. Hi, yes i was a regular at queens tower then, used to take my dad sometimes ,steve is o.k living in france but works in geneva,don,t see much of him but we keep in touch, give me a clue to who you are and i will let him know,cheers dave
  7. yeh i remember chris especially , the pryors lived at i think the 2nd prefab up on the right,do you remember theresa armitage who lived opposite the pryors? i though t chris was our steve,s age 60 now !!maybe wrong dave swain lived a bit further up, we the drabbles were on the circle , bob street , paul deakin, the berry,s lived onthe back lane,dave(dommi), syd duty and ronnie marshall lived at the top I think. memory not as good as it was but think that is right. sorry i could not make reunion tonight but had to take my grandson to play cricket, other names i remember are frank higgins, alan west (sweat) vic betts,
  8. Have managed to get a quite a few names for this now, big thanks to all who helped, i am looking to set a date for late june early july. do these dates clash with any other reunions?
  9. yes i went to the reunion,had a really good night met up with some old friends, will go again so hope you can make the next one,can vaguely remember the martins, am still doing the joinery but only when it suits ,byee
  10. you have got me pondering now as to who you are,hope to see you soon
  11. yes , it is aughton now, used to live on jay lane off the chase at aston
  12. no sorry, it was the ball inn on upwell street and i lived on the gleadless valley in the 60.s
  13. hi i am pretty sure dick played on the wing for us , please let me know as soon as he gets back, cheers Dave D
  14. i remmber now do you remember eric and pauline berry?, pauline lived near me at aston , unfortunately she died last year but eric is still around, pauline,s sons both became pro footballers.i.e= richard and chris barker,
  15. yes there was brian and his brother syd i think brian had an accident not sure about the details
  16. as soon as i have contact and a phone number i will let you know,should have something this week
  17. Hi Dommi, can you confirm you are getting my p.m,s cheers
  18. about 4 down, have you heard anything about them?
  19. No sorry m8 we used to live inthe prefabs, i had a brother called steve he is 4 yrs younger than me, we left and went to live in gleadless when i was 13, 50yrs ago still have great memories of the place,
  20. yep that,s us steve lives in france now , i am still in sheff, any clues to who you are,? cheers
  21. yeh i think john lives at handsworth a lovely man please tell them dave drabble wants to get in touch, i saw john a few years ago with cass at a football match he said he had a heart bypass i think, cheers minnie
  22. thanks for this i will try and track them down where does john live now,what number scott rd for cass, i will call inthe ball this week
  23. have done cheers walt,if you see them ask them to get in touch with me dave drabble
  24. Hi am looking for players and managers from the ball inn fc team managed by john rogers inthe70,s, would like to arrange a reunion sometime this year
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