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  1. As a self employed person how do you get a crb check via an umbrella service?
  2. I need a CRB check as self employed was this service good?
  3. Thanks! I would hope it would be slightly cheaper
  4. I am needing a gas safety certificate for my caravan. Can anyone recommend anyone? And roughly how much is this likely to cost? Thanks
  5. Hi I have sent you a P.M I am the owner of http://www.mariesteapartyhire.co.uk We can also provide your catering needs for the "afternoon tea" themed with china or you can hire just the china. We also have a vintage caravan available for hire, which comes with our waitressing services. We have many other props available, which is on our website. Good luck with the planning. Marie
  6. I am hosting a vintage tea party on 16th March 12-3. Cakes and buns will be on sale with hot drinks served from vintage china (£2.50). We have fantastic raffle prizes. A gallery from SLK Photography where 30% of sales will go to the charity. We will be selling "our cow molly" ice cream. All proceeds of sale of cakes and tea and raffles will go straight to The Eves Appeal. This charity raises money for ovarian cancer. Hope to see you on the day! Please come along to the Scout Hut on Burncross Road, Chapeltown. The charity event is run by Maries Tea Party Hire. Visit http://www.mariesteapartyhire.co.uk for further details and prize details.
  7. I live in CHapeltown and has a 10 year old daughter who I wish to attend Ecclesfield School just like I did. I have to say I never knew such thing was going to happen and have not informed by my daughters school of these possible changes. I do hope the chances of my daughter being able to attend the school is not affected if they are trying to reach out to south barnsley as well as Stocksbridge etc.
  8. Hope someone can help me. How do you find out further information on dis-used railway station houses. One that is all boarded up and no longer in use and has been for many years. I am wanting to contact the people who owns or anything help! I cant find anything on Google and not sure where to start. I am interesting in buying.
  9. Well Charlton Drive is ok if you have kids as there is a lot of kids I moved from a road off there due to problems with kids but I think you would kind of expect that living in an estate like that. The area is nice! The house on Eyre Gardens are nice but know someone who lives on millbank and parking is a nightmare. Both areas are nice to live in though!
  10. I agree with this. It really does depend which road it is as some part of high green I would avoid but other parts nice
  11. I have tried to google freecycle but cannot get a contact number do you have it?
  12. charity shops sell vinyls! I have bought mine from ebay and charity shops. The place in broomgill appears to sell more cds
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