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  1. The audio is of the full lecture. I havent got time to write up the whole lecture, ill post the audio.
  2. When I have the audio, I will post a link on here
  3. Yes he showed how atheism is completely based on FAITH as well, in things which science also can not prove. He really did a great job! And yes he did address the subject of the talk
  4. The talk went really well, he did a great job of proving how irrational it is to not believe in God. More than 100 people came! Im in the process of getting the audio recording which should be available soon
  5. They've been going really well. More 100+ people turned out. Its a shame you missed it!
  6. People are missing the point! Im not here to debate, if you've got something to say, say it tomorow!!!!
  7. You're in Broomhall, its on your doorstep! Come and tell the speaker that!
  8. Im sure you are some sort of world class philosopher when you're sat at home on your computer, who isnt. You can even answer your own questions! Wow Unless you make the time, you will never find it. If you cant come and speak face to face then we'll leave it at that, dont attempt to be an 'internet' philosopher like every tom, dick and harry. I could voice record and post the talk on here but if you have any follow up questions, I wont be in a position to answer them as well as the speaker. You can watch his talks / contact him at http://www.adamdeen.com
  9. Even if you cant make it for the start of the event its worth coming along
  10. @ Quisquose Ok, you get what I mean, thanks for being helpful though. I think you'll fnd the reason you're not attending is not that the title is silly, BUT more to do with the fact that you are scared to challenge your own thoughts and beliefs. If you've got so much to say, come and put your questions to the speaker tomorow! To clarify - the talk will cover whether different scientific theories can suffice as an explanation to human existence without the need for a creator. And if belief in a God contradicts any scientific theories and weigh up conflicting evidences. with an opportunity for Q&A / Debate at the end!
  11. Hello Everyone! This is the last event in the series, DO NOT MISS IT!! Does Science Make God Impossible? - By Adam Deen Tomorow 6pm @ Medical School (next to Hallamshire hospital) Thursday 24th Feb! Are you atheist, christian, muslim or of any other ideology? Regardless of what you believe, come along tomorow and find out if Science really is incompatible with the concept of God. Challenge your thoughts and the speaker. See you there, USIC
  12. Tuesday 22nd February - 'Life Without God?' by Hamza Tzortsis (IERA) @ Sheffield Medical School Lecture Theatre 2 at 6pm. Next to Royal Hallamshire hospital. This is really an event not to be missed. Many in this country are brought up on the belief that there is no god. However how many of you have taken the time to think about why you believe this? What is the reality of this belief? Why do people believe there is a God? Is there any basis for this belief? We have one of the worlds leading Philosphers speaking and ready to answer any questions! Be there and bring your friends! Tuesday @ 6pm Sheffield Medical School (next to royal hallamshire hospital) This talk is not aimed at converting people to any ideology, it is simply to convey a message. What have you got to loose?!!!
  13. Hello Sheffielders! Next week is Islam Awareness Week 2011! This is your chance to come and find out more about Islam, listen to thought provoking talks and challenge any misconceptions. The University Islamic Circle have arranged for a number of world renowned speakers to come on the following dates ; - Monday Feb 21st : "Jesus: Prophet of Islam" by Adnan Rasheed - PLUS hear a reverts story from Christianity to Islam! - Tuesday Feb 22nd : "Life Without God?" by Hamza Tzortzis - Thursday Feb 24th : "Does Science make God impossible?" by Adam Deen All lectures are at the Medical School @ 6.00 pm, next to the Royal Hallamshire hospital. There will be extended opportunities for Q&A. These events are open to everyone and we strongly encourage ALL people to attend and bring your family and friends. Come along and challenge your beliefs ! Any queries please post below. See you there! USIC.
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