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  1. Ahh yes you could say that, its just a learning curve i will recover from it
  2. Thanks for the advice i know google has changed the way its sorts page rank and search queries but i am sure reciprocal and back links do still count for something, well if linking to revelent websites i.e automotive for me. And yes i know about the dead links on the site, it is adsense that is causing this because i have some issues with them, wow i thought i had a fast site but i guess not, i have done all the optimizing i can so not sure how to make it faster. You obviously know what you are talking about so have you any other suggestions for seo? Thanks and best regards ryan
  3. Hi i am looking for other automotive related website owners to swap links with for SEO purposes, Please see www.worldtuningfans.com message me or contact me directly with questions etc here Thanks
  4. Once at westwood res at highgreen a guy didnt have a licence, me and my dad were on the next two pegs up from him, the licence guy ended up callin the coppers after the guy had gone mental for stopping him fishing lol, he obviously did not have one, they took all his tackle and arrested him their and then. Been asked for my licence about 8 times in 7 years and it is classed as a criminal offence but most licence guys are bent and let you off. Their getting paid so their not bothered.
  5. Hi i have this site - World Tuning Fans http://worldtuning.byethost6.com/ I just wanted to know if anyone has a automotive related site and would like to trade links for seo purposes? The site is around 2 months old and is gaining more visitors daily, it has had just over 2700 page views and nearly 1100 visitors with 300 return sessions. Thanks
  6. I lived and hung around firthpark untill i was 18 and i saw alot of fights, stabbing, muggings and scams but have never heard or seen anyone do this, it shows how clever crims are getting, glad i dont live there anymore! I would have actully ran the guy over lol
  7. what about this one? http://worldtuning.byethost6.com/
  8. anyone want to swap links to http://worldtuning.byethost6.com/
  9. oh i no what you were trying to look at lol, the models page is being updated so their is no page so it redirects to that for some reason
  10. Hi i have 2 automotive modification websites and just wanted to know if anybody wanted to exchange links for SEO purposes?
  11. nope i already tried that site, i guess i will just wait until its nearly fully built
  12. Hi that is from the hosting service, "byethost" there is nothing malicious at all on my site, i have tested it before and it is phising from the host, it related to the "byethost part of the address, nothing to do with my site so there is no threat
  13. go on b&q's website, search for Kitchen & Bathroom Paint, thats what you need, just dont slap it on when painting, give it 2 coats because it will show imperfections alot because it is satin based, you also can buy tile paint if you want to change the look of your tiles?
  14. Hi does anybody know how to apply for job vacancies there, because it will be employing over 300 people when it is built? have tried their main website but no luck, they have not responded to my email aswell Does anyone know anything about this?
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