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  1. I still would recommend to add loads of protein in your diet. Seafood and poultry are very good and just keep away from fatty bits. Lean chicken breast does the job. This will help you getting rid of the body fat and balancing the diet better. Most of the people are not getting enough protein. As an example 60kg female 160cm tall should eat about 70-75g of protein / day. For men the figures are higher since the persentage of the body muscle is expected to be higher too. Also try to get half of the protein from vegetable sources like from different beans, soya, lentils etc. This is not just helping you to manage your weight or body composition but also improves your health in a long term. Janita
  2. Hi Sancocho, I am not sure if you are actually vegeterian based on your description of food you eat. What I am seein ghere is that you won't have long term succes with your weight unless you increase the protein amount in your diet. What you are doing now is actually making you to lsoe your muscle mass instead of body fat and each kilo of muscle burtns 7 times more calories than kilo of body fat. Therefore day by day you are actually burning less and less calories naturally. You need to have sufficient amount of protein in your diet and I could give you the amount and hints how to do that if you can send me you current weight and hight. You need protein to build and maintain muscle, also it helps keep hunger away for longer. Regards, Janita
  3. Hi DaisyBoo, I can get you to shed that weight, keep it off, save your money and never put on that weight again. Plus you don't need to feel like dieting but just enjoy your life. Pm your number and the best time to call and we will speak. Janita
  4. Good luck for everyone one this. For anyone who don't find this the right solution for them I am happy to have a chat. I lost a stone about a year ago,not using weight watchers though, and I have no worries of keeping it off. Now I am committed to helping others to achieve the shape and size they want.
  5. Hi all, I am an independent wellness coach and this all happened because I got so excited about my weight loss results and all the energy as a byproduct. I honestly feel 10 years younger and I am back to the size I had 10 years ago too. That was before my 2 beautiful children and when I had lots of time for sports. Now I am dedicated to help other people to lose weight and make sure they will maintain it forever. I am doing free wellness evaluations and initial consultations telling about the ways I could help to lose weight. If you want to book an eveluation please send me a message and some convenient times for you. I am doing the evaluations at the Wellness Centre on West Street. Also you can call/ text or let me know your number and I'll ring back for arrangements.
  6. In my small weight loss challenge group we have a guy too and you would be more than welcome. I run the group on Thursdays and you will learn everything you need about the food and right nutrition plus lots of other things towards the healthy shape and size. PM oyur number or call me 07762 141950 for more details.
  7. Hi, I am running a weigh loss challenge group at West Street on Thursday evenings. You are welcome to join us, despite we started I will personally help you to catch up... I do 1-2-1 coaching during the programme and you surely will learn what to eat and why. And how still have treats and pleasure of eating. Message me if you want to hear more. I also do 1-2-1 coaching if you don't think the group is right environment for you.
  8. Thanks for this. Sounds great and I surely want to come to have a look.
  9. If you want some sensible mortgage advice try speaking to Matt Harris from 3sixty financial solutions. 07815867554. I know him and despite haven't used his services (apart from trying to understand how it would work when i need one) I know people who have and really appreciated it.
  10. I have a friend doing HIPs... or he was doing HIPs till they still existed. As far as I understand you only need the EPC (Energy performance certificate) nowadays which used to be included in HIP in the past. I would suggest to give him a ring regarding this so that you own't end up paying something unnecessary. And if you need HIP or EPC you will surely get a good price with great service too. His name is John Furniss, 07837822820. And he won't tell you something that ius not right just for getting the money out of you. Just mention that you heard from Janita and he will know.
  11. Want to Lose weight before your BIG day? Hi I am an independent wellness coach I help people to lose weight quickly and keep it away until and after too. I am currenlty running weigh loss challenge group and would like to start another one for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, bestmen.... The people who will be closely involved in the celebrations. I would liek to know how much interest it would be possible to get. Usually I would like to have about 25-30 people in a group but can do smaller or bigger too as long as there is enough commitment. The challenges are usually run for a period of 12 weeks and there is charge of £39 towards the expenses, such as printing, refreshments, weekly prize draws etc. The rest of the money will be shared between the three biggest weight losers 50/30/20% for the 1st/2nd/3rd. This obviously will depend on the number of participats. I do have my own product range that I recommend and can help with the weight loss and management. It is not required to use any of them and the group coaching sessions are predominanlty about the food. In addition I do 1-2-1 coaching as participants wish to use it without adiditional charge during the challenge. If someone wants to act already you are welcome to join the existing group on Thursdays 5.30 pm or have a free evaluation and chat about 1-2-1 coaching options outside of the challenge. Please message me for further details.
  12. The CityLimits is practically in Hillsborough. check city-limits.co.uk
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