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  1. Still wanting to share my garden/ land with someone who can help with the physical labour and or knowledge. In Stocksbridge S36 had a few bites but nothing solid, do you know anyone who might be interested???
  2. Hi apologies for repeating the same old same old....BUT... I want to know if anyone knows if they still do car boots at Hillsboro Park??? Ive looked through a thread on here and they all seem to start later in the year but I have loads of 'stuff' and clutter that I need to get rid and make some money at the same time- anyone know of any good/busy car boots taking place this time of year???? Thanks
  3. Hi please reply to me at charlotte68uk@hotmail.co.uk and I will forward my telephone number to discuss the opportunity. Thanks!
  4. Hi Big G, Its just not a piece its a whole garden and I want someone who wants to use some of it whilst helping me with my bit... a retired person who hasnt got a garden or someone with time on their hands to cultivate a large garden that is otherwise un used. I'm a single parent of teenagers and I think sharing (or maybe making a loan sounds better) would make sense as I get the help and they get the space/garden they dont have. It should be a win win situation. I am unable to start a veg patch without some physical and knowledgeable help by someone who knows what their doing- what I dont want to do is put a load of time and effort into trying to start one only to find I've planted stuff at the wrong time of year etc etc. Basically Im a clueless woman who needs some muscle and brains where planting a veg garden is required and I'm prepared to offer the right candidate part of my garden if they in turn help me, cant afford to pay so hence a 'swap' willing to compromise and will listen to any reasonable/ sensible offers that may be out there!! So come on, someone must know someone who wants a bit of land to cultivate who has the patience, knowledge and physical attributes to be suitable....get your feelers out and ask about and then tell them to come on here!!!
  5. so here it is... I have a massive garden ( well more like a field)in Stocksbridge which is grassed and I want to start a veg patch however I have no idea where to start or how to do it...so I am thinking about renting/letting out/ mutual sharing of part of it, when I say big its huge and I would be willing to share and give access to someone who genuinely knows how to garden in return for help, assistance and general knowledge. You would have your own part half or quarter and I would have mine. Obviously this is open to discussion.I also have 3 chickens and would like some help with re housing them- Im quite prepared to physically help with the construction and buy the wood, netting etc I just need some help!!! So... if you are or if you know someone who would love a hobby, challenge and wants to have a veg patch/allotment and would be interested please contact me asap. Thank you!
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