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  1. Does anyone know quite what this post is about?
  2. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/mp-angela-to-repay-second-home-profits-1-5660942 Why aren't arrests being made over these frauds if any of us had done this we would have been prosecuted. As she is our local MP I hope that she didn't pay for her hip operation and I hope that she isn't prescribed hydrotherapy because Stocksbridge pool is now closed.
  3. Don't look at me we haven't got it. OUr leisure centre is being shut as is our advice centre, the library is next on the list. Sheffield County Council hosted Sheftival last year... LOSSES from the cultural and sporting event Sheftival, held during last summer’s Olympics, are almost 10 times the sum initially reported. Officials had said the cost of subsidising the event, at the Don Valley Stadium, Don Valley Bowl, English Institute of Sport and Sheffield Arena, was £20,000. But Sheffield International Venues, which runs the sites on behalf of Sheffield Council, said ‘accounts just finalised indicate the event cost nearly £180,000’. Thats where £180k went. It would appear that corruption runs deep in SCC. What they are doing with our money just stinks. They are not fit for purpose.
  4. http://www.sheffieldlibdems.org.uk/2013/05/01/looney-council-fund-costs-93p-to-administer-each-single-1/ 300k fund costs 280k to administer. This is as insulting as it is appalling when will SCC stop abusing the people they are supposed to represent.
  5. Thank you both. I do take turmeric supplements and have a fair amount of fresh turmeric in my diet.
  6. I take a high dose of Tramadol and Codeine along with max strength Pregabalin (sp) and Amotryptaline (sp). I seem to tolerate them all for a week or so and then have a couple of toxic days which are awful, shivers, hot flushes, heaving and gagging. Then off we go on the cycle again. I hate it, I hate what this seems to be doing to my body but I have tried so many other combos and this one is the best that I have found thus far. It reduces my pain, I hate to think what I would have to do to stop the pain completely.
  7. Wow, I am not sure that is quite the right word but my goodness these three posts resonated through me. I have a cage in my neck which prevents further damage occurring but does nothing to stop the neural pain in my head arms fingers or the twitching that starts happening when the meds start to wear off. I have further damage to my lower spine I was admitted as an emergency to the Hallamshire last summer when my gait deteriorated rapidly and not to put too finer point on it I was becoming incontinent. An operation was the thing they said but they had to wait for one of the two surgeons that would operate to return from holiday. I was sent home with large doses of morphine. I was admitted again two days later having hallucinations. I really was completely out of it convinced that I was in the South of France at one stage. The second surgeon returned and following more scans decided not to operate. Last year and this has just been one awful roller-coaster. Medusa I know just how you feel about the way your life is, mine is much the same and not only can I not concentrate my memory is completely shot. Add to this wonderful mixture two arthritic knees awaiting a decision as to whether I am to get new ones I don't know which way is up. Five years ago I could garden walk miles and live life now I function and on some days I struggle to do even that. Like you Medusa I take medication enough to reduce the pain because I would be floored completely if I took enough to kill it. I hope that you find ways through it all or at the very least coping mechanisms. I am not in here very often but please feel free to PM me if you think that there is anything that I can do to help.
  8. Umm you need to be a City Councillor to be entitled to your 10k + salary. It really is not just a case of attending a few meetings. It is time consuming, mind consuming, unless you are a complete moron. You will open yourself up to abuse but if you choose to do this accept that you may well try and help society, you will give up a lot of evenings and you may not be able to help the country as you wish you may well be pressurised into decisions that you do not agree with by your party whip. You will see corruption up close and personal and you may well feel helpless to do anything about it. Soo you can try and become a City Councillor, tow your party line and have a fairly east life and rake in 10k + or you can try and become a City Councullor, earn your 10k work damned hard take a lot of flack, try and change things, become invilved in peoples problems, generally give a **** and expect to spend more than a few sleepless nights, the choice is yours. It is something I am considering myself and have attended more than a few Council meetings both at a town and city level!
  9. If that is the case then surely you should be advocating the lethal poisoning of the dog owner. I am not for one moment say that inflicting a long agonising death on certain people is wrong in any way but don't punish the dog for the behaviour of it's owner.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered on here but I want to get this in front of as many people as possible.... http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/we-could-stop-bedroom-tax-if-we-chose.html
  11. I live in Deepcar and we have the same problem here. I have started taking pictures of the culprits and would like to name and shame them. You will get little or no mileage out of the Council unless you are prepared to put hours and hours of time on the matter. We have dog poo bins here which are full and overflowing they are rarely emptied. Last year we were trying to get the council acknowledge that there was a problem with dog fouling on Don Field. The site was visited and we were told that there was not a problem. My partner and I then went onto the field and in 20 minutes marked over 50 piles of poo on a map (sad I know). We tried to get the council to tell us what the cut off point was with no luck. Within a week our neighbour took two little girls onto the field to play on the swings they came home covered in dog mess out neighbour inn a fury contacted the council. The council wrote to her saying that there was a problem and then posted leaflets through letterboxes asking people to be more responsible. I wish you all the luck in the world.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/pages/4SLC/261230120677427 There you go. Hope to see you over there. ---------- Post added 07-03-2013 at 09:18 ---------- I don't know if this has been covered on here but the leisure centre is not DDA compliant. It may be that SCC should have addressed this issue a long time ago and certainly should be addressing it now.
  13. We had two good meetings last night, One in the Town Hall one at The Venue. Paul Billington eve deigned to attend the Council meeting. I will be writing t him today and also will be using the Freedom of Information Act to get some more information about the finances that have been wasted and ill spent. Furthermore I will be contacting Paul Jagger regarding his failure to declare interests in a certain company that has been giving him hansom lumps of money. And then of course there is the small matter of Cllr Wood's failing health. We are told by the Mayoress that he is permanently sick. We were not to contact him under any circumstance and then he rallies from his sick bed and attend a meeting regarding the Advice Centre, he managed to hand deliver a number of letters to other Councillors then poor chap he slumped back into some dreadful illness and was unable to attend the Labour Surgery, poor Richard Crowther must have sucummed to the same illness as he did not attend either alas poor Susie was once more on her own to face an angry public. Oh what a tangled mess is being uncovered..
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