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  1. Does anyone know about further down Treswell? The 40’s and 50’s? (House numbers)
  2. Can see lots of smoke from my flat, but can't see what's burning?
  3. Try Laurance & Co, good properties, decent rent and no admin fees.
  4. I rented a house from Laurance & Co for 6 years. In that time I had no problems at all with the service they provided. Whenever I reported a fault it was resolved in 24 hours, appliances replaced with no questions and left to enjoy the property within the terms of the tenancy agreement. Everyone I dealt with were efficient and friendly which resulted in first class service. Even though (regretfully) I no longer have a property with them, I would not hesitate to rent a property again and would recommend them to anyone seeking a decent, fairly priced home. Also, no extortionate administration fees or reams of paperwork to complete.
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