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  1. As the title says. I cannot send or receive any Pms until I’ve emptied it, but don’t know how.
  2. I do think she needs something more than councelling or hypnotherapy. This would be on a one to one basis and would be more like a professional psychoanalysist. If this is through the health service there will be a long waiting list especially after the Coronavirus is over. I’ve given up on Mr.Clooney now he’s married.!
  3. Ive not tried it only on YouTube for relaxation. To go to a real hypnotherapist is quite expensive so I’m told.
  4. Don’t you mean meter ? Lol...
  5. You are going to use it up quickly with 11- 12 drops each time. Weed is a different combination from CBD oil, which has no “ highs” in it.
  6. Yes, Denlin was very fond of Rossy. I’m just sorry I never got to meet him.
  7. Neighbours cats chasing the birds I feed in my garden !
  8. Got to laugh at that Rockers !
  9. Looks like it rudds !
  10. Yes, I agree. Some came on to cause trouble didn’t they ?
  11. It was their last show last night, in their Saturday Night with Ant and Dec. It was really. Forced and false.
  12. I also watched that. He was very good wasn’t he ?
  13. I think some of them had been on the booze sometimes when they came on SF but the Mods kept them in check.!
  14. As you can see from my post count I’m a prolific poster. I think the main change I can see on the Sheffield Forum from THEN to NOW is that all the characters have gone. You knew when a certain poster came on, as the whole thread livened up. ! They have all now left, one by one, so until they can be persuaded to come back, things will remain dull.
  15. Thank you nikki, your advice is very helpful.xxxx
  16. My neighbour is 55 years old, and is on his GPs list for his first vaccination for the Coronavirus. However they seem to be stringing him along. I was told that you can book a free vaccination online with the NHS. Also that when you book this they also give you an appointment for your second jab at the same time. Is this true ? Has anyone actually done this ? Also if he did it this way, how long is the waiting list online with the NHS.? Could he also leave his name on his GPs list to see which date is first ? Any information would be much appreciated as this man is very shy and quiet, and will not complain if he has to wait too long.
  17. Worlds Most Scenic River Journeys. Begins with a trip down The Niagra River.
  18. The Daily Mail did a spoof interview between the Queen and Ophra Winfrey.
  19. I must add that the previous mod team did an excellent job, and were well respected on the I’m Bored section. We do get a bit naughty at times but we were always reminded that children read this forum and we understood that.
  20. I wish they had shown more about his time as manager of Sheffield Wednesday.
  21. I remember when I was a child, if someone died on your road, everyone closed their curtains when the hearse drove along the road.
  22. I haven’t read my Daily Mail yet but they usually put something in.
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