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  1. So it’s definitely on Channel 4 is it Jim ? What time ?
  2. I am definitely over 50 ! Never thought about Saga. I will definitely ring them up for a quote. Thanks Ian.
  3. Thank you for your very helpful advice. I shall take note of it.! I have no expensive jewellery or antiques so I will not renew that part of my policy. They keep putting the full amount up at the renewal date ,every year, and as I have never made a claim, I will have a look on the website “ Go Compare “ Also does one really need “ Accidental Damage” ?
  4. I’m insured against theft from my property but someone has told me that if I do have a theft from my property, that I have to produce a receipt of what I paid for the article before the insurance company will pay me out. Is this true ? I don’t have receipts for everything I’ve bought so do I need this extra insurance ?
  5. The trouble is all the best looking men are usually gay. Mind you I could be the first woman to turn a gay man straight !
  6. It’s funny you should mention Claire Balding but I think she would have made a good replacement for Sue Barker instead of Paddy McGuiness.
  7. I agree. At least the last two captains were top in their sports of rugby and cricket. I must admit the panel in the old version were getting a little bored in the last series but at least they were well respected by the viewers. The captains in the new series, are sports people that I have never heard of. The worst part though we’re the questions that they were asked. They were confusing and boring ! The old version was better . If it ain’t broke, don’t mend it !!
  8. Where does he come from ? Is it Liverpool or Yorkshire ?
  9. Very disappointing.! I usually like Paddy McGuiness but he’s not suitable in this programme. The panel were just as bad, and the questions were uninteresting.
  10. I disagree. This is my favourite show ever ! Can’t wait for it to start again !
  11. Yes, X Factor was a bore ! I think Cowell is still doing Britain’s Got Talent.
  12. I agree with you there. ! I mean, who actually watches Homes Under The Hammer ? Last year the BBC said that they weren’t going to commission any more of Homes Under The Hammer, but here we are again ! I’m surprised that Naked Attraction has been passed as suitable viewing material. ( mind you I do sometimes I do have a crafty peek when they show you the lower halves of the men ! )
  13. Yes, it’s certainly the worst channel for repeats.
  14. Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back ? It’s supposed to be an hour long comedy look into consumer affairs. We’re the producers on the drug LSD when they commissioned this ? Yes, I could have switched channels but there was nothing else on, and I kept waiting for the programme to get better, but it never did, it just got worse.! Why does Lorraine Kelly appear on a dross show like this ? Surely she doesn’t need the money ? Can’t believe Joe Lycett is getting paid for this rubbish ? Can we have some intelligent, viewable programmes on please ? Like Tomorrow’s World. Remember that ? Programmes that you can really enjoy and understand !
  15. Or in the fire brigade. They say firemen have long hoses Cressy !
  16. Well I never Padders ! I know they had strippers because I was at home cooking the Sunday dinner, waiting for my flipping husband ( now deceased) to come home. He went fishing in Summer on a Sunday and Walkley Working men’s club in Winter !
  17. Hillsborough is a large area so the tram stop could be anywhere. Also you have tram stops on either side of the road. I asked because I’m interested in red telephone boxes ! I won’t bother you again though !
  18. Is the tram stop near The Rawson Spring pub ? ( the old Hillsborough baths)
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