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  1. I read that viewers are getting bored with The Chase as the contestants now always go for the lowest amount of money. Also Bradley’s looking bored lately but saw a picture of him dressed as Pa Larkin during filming of the new version of The Darling Buds Of May. He must have enough money now to pick and choose what he wants to do.
  2. What a good idea to have a follow on from The Full Monty, telling us what happened to the men afterwards. I’m surprised that nobody has picked up on the idea.
  3. This is correct. My son booked online and got an appointment for the week after, and also a second appointment date . But as Nikki says you have to have your NHS number to book online.
  4. I disagree. Your avatar is the first thing you see when logging on.
  5. The avatar is too small .
  6. For The Love Of Dogs with Paul OGrady. Best programme I’ve seen for months. He’s a natural with dogs.
  7. So sorry Padders. Must have been a shock for you.xx
  8. I think it was on Look North last night.
  9. My regular dentist was only doing temporary fillings, during this pandemic ,and then only if you were in pain. I have again got fillings that have come out, so I wonder if they are back to normal yet ?
  10. What is the name of the book Padders ? I would like to read it.
  11. I suggest the “ man with the pram” . Don’t know his name , but he wears a green wig and he pushes a pram around Sheffield collecting for a cancer charity.
  12. Please let us know how you go on. I am very interested in subjects like this. Even if it does work it will be a slow start with a gradual work up to a solution.
  13. I was impressed by her honesty saying she will know after the first consultation whether she can help or not. She sounds genuine.
  14. That doesn’t seem expensive to me. Hope it helps.!
  15. Thanks for the information as I shall be going down there tomorrow.
  16. Do you mind me asking if this consultation is through the NHS or privately?
  17. I hope you will let us know how you go on.
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