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  1. Didn’t know snooker was on. I like Ronnie O’Sullivan especially when he bends over the snooker table in those tight trousers ! Also I like to see a man in a waistcoat,which snooker players brought back into fashion. My favourite though was Alex Higgins.
  2. Allan Carr was disappointing because he kept rushing and mumbling the punch lines. The audience felt obliged to laugh, even though they didn’t “ get it “ When I think of comedians like Bob Monkhouse and Joan Rivers, they could blind these lot today !
  3. Yes, they must dread these events, pretending to laugh and clap. Ed Sheeran is the closing act. Can he pull it together at the end ? Nice voice, shame about the song !
  4. Yes, I was just going to post the same remark. The royal guests must be bored stiff, and dying for it to end!
  5. When I think of past Royal Variety Performances with the great comics like Les Dawson and Morecambe and Wise and with sometimes an American performer topping the bill like Bob Hope or Danny Kaye ,these artists can blind the ones on tonight.!
  6. Allan Carr with jokes falling flat, and Rod Stuart past his sell by date, is this the worst Royal Variety Performance ever ?
  7. When reporters questioned her on the vast difference in ages between her and her young husband ,she replied “ Well, if he dies, he dies !”
  8. I’ve seen her on a few chat shows lately. Think she’s flogging her autobiography.
  9. I agree. The presenters get a large fee, and the programme is cheap to produce.
  10. They’re going to lock down, Like it or not, Boris f****d up, You’ pay for the lot, Omicron is coming to town.
  11. They’re making a list, Theyre checking it twice, Theyre gonna find out, Whos unjabbed or nice, Omicron is coming to town !
  12. You better watch out, You better not cry, You better not pout, Im telling you why, Omicron is coming to town.
  13. Some people are good with their hands, and some good with their brains. My brother in law was a consultant surgeon but he couldn’t repair a burst on their outside garden tap !
  14. Bet they don’t get more than self employed plumbers !
  15. Thank you Anne for your helpful advice. Thank you Mister M.
  16. My neighbour a man in his fifties , has had his two jabs for the Corona virus but has yet to have his booster. I’ve heard that there are walk in centres for both the jabs and boosters that are open long hours, and where you don’t have to pre- book an appointment. I think one is at Longley, but does anyone know if this is correct and does anyone know of anymore ? . He’s a very busy person so these centres would be deal. Any advice on this matter would help him.
  17. Even if she wins she cannot go to the event as she has been diagnosed with Covid.
  18. My friend Gloria refused to have any jabs at all right from the beginning of Covid. She died last month in hospital from Covid !
  19. Timpsons used to have a lot of repair shops, but thinking about it, you don’t even see shoe shops , selling new shoes, now do you ?
  20. No, there aren’t more accidents related to gifts than alcohol ( and drugs) over the festive season. Lots of drunks turn up and try and jump the queue. I did a short stint in A& E when I was a nurse, and one night a drunk flattened the nurse I was working with, with one punch, who was trying to make him take his turn in the queue. Now they have security men on duty.( what is a Slackline ?)
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