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  1. Anyway, back on topic. I am not on any waiting list but my neighbour is in terrible pain with arthritis in his knee. He was expecting to be called in for a knee replacement operation but the pandemic put paid to that! I’m sure if he had the money he would go privately but he can’t afford to do this.
  2. It’s a personal choice The Daddy and other forum members should respect your opinion on this matter.
  3. So Meghan is having a bash, At writing ,cos she needs the cash, It will be a best seller, Shes a great storyteller, As we know from that Oprah car crash
  4. Surprise date which was enjoyable!
  5. Lo,s also have a branch further down on Stannington Rd, next to my GPs surgery. They have always closed on a Saturday. They aren’t too bad at receiving prescriptions electronically but are next to the surgery, so no excuse really.
  6. Sometimes it’s the customers who are at fault. My son, a plumber, actually has customers trying to knock down the price after agreeing to the first quote over the phone, but he just says “ Thats what the price is”. Take it or leave it.
  7. Listen, when you have a full ward of men who have to have bed baths you soon put your blinkers on !
  8. Do locomotive drivers let off steam at work ?
  9. You also get more scam calls if your name and address is in the phone book.
  10. My worst job was working in a solicitors office. You were clock watching all the time. My best job was as a state registered nurse. You got to see some amazing sights ! ( coughs)
  11. This reply is so funny. !
  12. Arithmetic. I was top in English at school but bottom at Arithmetic.!
  13. Yes, they played at the University of Sheffield.
  14. When giving male patients bed baths while a student nurse, I pulled the bed clothes off this man to see that his private parts were standing proud. I threw a cold wet flannel over it, quickly moving on to the next bed saying “ It’s ok , I didn’t see anything ! “ I lied of course !
  15. Thank you Tacitus. You encourage me to carry on with my limericks !
  16. They are very comfortable to wear inside but not outside as they don’t support the feet properly. Can’t beat Skechers for outdoor walking.
  17. We’re coming out of lockdown, Soon we will be free, Seeing friends and family, Will be a must for me. So hurry up let’s get to June, It can’t come quick enough, Blow away the doom and gloom, Get back to normal stuff !
  18. Yes, I enjoyed watching this. He was so quick answering the questions wasn’t he ?
  19. I have to agree with you on this one.
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